Office of Academic Scheduling

D'Amour Library (D214)

The Office of Academic Scheduling is responsible for:

  • the collection, posting and updating of the Fall semester, the Spring semester, the three Summer sessions, the Wintersession, and the 11-week graduate term course schedules.
  • the assignment of classrooms to academic courses held on campus, offered during semesters, sessions and terms.
  • the updating of the University's annual catalogue.
  • the posting of final exam schedule for Fall semester and the Spring semester.
Are you a new first year student or a new transfer student with a question about your first year courses or schedules?  The First Year Program can help first year and transfer students transition to WNE. 

Still have questions regarding WNE's course schedules?  Please contact Linda M. Chojnicki, the Academic Schedule Controller and Information Analyst.

Semester Course Schedules - Undergraduate & Pharmacy Graduate Program

11-Week Term Course Schedules - Arts & Sciences, Business & Engineering Graduate Programs

Professional Development

  • As of 2010 Spring semester, OCP students should consult the semester/session course schedules listed above.
  • Grades, degree audit, and student schedule can be viewed on-line at "ASAP".
  • Contact the Professional Development Office (413.796.2173 or 1.800.325.1122 ext. 2173) for additional information.

On-Line Courses and Programs:

Final Exam Schedule (Fall and Spring semesters)

Additional Resources

Academic Transcript


Fall '16 Semester
Priority Registration begins 10 pm April 3
Fall Semester classes begin August 29

11-Week Summer '16 Graduate Term
Graduate term classes begin July 5
Registration begins June 6

Spring '17 Semester & Wintersession'17
Priority Registration begins 10 pm November 8
Spring Semester classes begin January 17

Summer'16 Sessions
Registration begins March 7
1st 6-week, 8-week & 12-week Session Classes begin May 31
2nd 6-week Session Classes begin July11