Consistent with the University's commitment to wellness and caring, Alcohol and Drug Education Services promotes responsible decision-making regarding alcohol and other drug use, on campus and in the community. We offer confidential counseling and consultation for those concerned about their own or another's use. Alcohol and Drug Education Services promotes healthy choices by targeting both the individual and the social environment, providing appropriate information about the effects of alcohol and other drugs, ways to reduce harm and an accurate perspective on the social norms of college students.

Services provided include:

  • Brief Alcohol Screening and Intervention for College Students (BASICS)- a personal and confidential 2-session “check-up” on student’s use of alcohol
  • Consultation for concerns about a friend or family member’s use of alcohol or other drugs
  • Brief counseling and referral to support recovery
  • Lending library of resources for use by anyone in the college community
  • On-line resources to help students reflect on their use and to identify changes that could work for each individual to reduce risk of future problems (e.g. The Alcohol eCHECKUP TO GO, Marijuana eCHECKUP TO GO)
  • Media campaigns to promote healthy norms and harm reduction
  • Training and education for classes, student leaders and staff members
  • Peer Education Network- a student group that promotes healthy choices related to alcohol, other drugs and sexual responsibility

Read our Statement on Drugs and Alcohol.


Lore A. Detenber, M.Ed., L.R.C.

Alcohol and Drug Education Services

Call: 413-782-1360
Or stop by: The office is located in
Counseling Services in the Campus Center,
Room 249B.