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At Western New England University, your residence options change as your needs change from your freshman to senior years. From traditional halls for first year students to apartments and townhouses for seniors, Western New England University provides a progression of living environments to make you feel at home through every phase of your college experience.

No matter which residence area you call home, you’ll be close to the Campus Center and Alumni Healthful Living Center, and your room will be equipped with voicemail, cable television, and Internet access. For more information on residence life, click here.

Residence Options
(Click on any of the residence hall names to see floor plans and panoramas.)

Freshman Year: Finding Common Ground

Your first on-campus living experience will be in one of the University’s traditional residence halls: Berkshire, Franklin, Hampden, Windham, or Commonwealth Hall (which also accommodates sophomores). They are coed by floor or wing, and most have double occupancy rooms with multipurpose lounges, kitchenettes, and laundry rooms. You’ll find a television and a pool table or other recreational equipment in every lounge.

Options include:

Sophomore Year: Living the Suite Life

By sophomore year you’ll be ready to move on to exciting new living residences that offer more independence. While you may still choose to live in a more traditional residence hall (Commonwealth), you’ll also have the option to live in "The Doughnuts," as the round suites of the Plymouth Complex are known. In these circular-shaped residence halls, you and three other students share a suite consisting of two double occupancy rooms and a full bath. Each room provides access to a central courtyard for relaxation and recreation. It’s a great way to enjoy more autonomy within a community of classmates.

Another choice is The LaRiviere Center, a state-of-the-art living and learning facility, which can accommodate you and five other students. You’ll live in a suite with three bedrooms, two bathrooms, and a living room. The Center features an array of other facilities including a computer lab, lounges, multipurpose recreational space, spacious study rooms, meeting rooms, and classrooms. You’ll be given priority consideration for assignment by forming communities with other students based on similar academic interests or other themes such as community service, personal wellness, or leadership development. Commonwealth Hall, our newest facility, features four-person suites and double occupancy rooms for sophomores as well as two-person rooms for freshmen. Another option for sophomore year is the University’s apartment complex (Gateway Village), where units are equipped with complete kitchens and house from two to six students. Sophomores are assigned to Gateway on a space available basis.

Options include:

Junior and Senior Years: Welcome to the Neighborhood

Gateway Village apartments (Efficiency, One Bedroom, Two Bedroom, Three Bedroom), the Evergreen Village townhouses (three double occupancy bedrooms), and the newly-constructed Southwood Hall (four person apartments with two double or four single occupancy bedrooms) feature full kitchens, living rooms, bedrooms, and baths to offer upper-class students an ideal environment for learning the skills needed to live on their own after graduation. In addition to the hands-on experience you’ll gain in apartment and townhouse living, residents of Evergreen Village enjoy a well-equipped community center. With a living situation this great, you may find it hard to leave after graduation.

  • Gateway Village
  • Evergreen Village
  • Southwood Hall
  • Residence Life: Your Network of Support

    The Residence Life staff at Western New England University is here to offer you not only a great place to live, but guidance and support, too. Area Coordinators, Hall Directors, Residence Managers, and student Resident Advisors are people who have been in your shoes and are here to help you adjust and succeed. They’ll provide support, advice, and supervision, a wide range of educational programs, and social activities. You are also encouraged to become actively involved in contributing to (and benefiting from) campus life through membership in your hall council or a position on the executive board of the Residence Hall Association. It’s all part of making you feel at home and providing you with the variety of living environments and opportunities to make your college residential experience an education in itself.

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