Academic Minors

Build a stronger résumé with a minor addition. An academic minor can play a major role in personalizing your education at Western New England University and broadening your job opportunities after you graduate.

Additionally, a Global Awareness minor will shape your worldview and blend with your major to give you an enhanced job market advantage.

College of Arts and Sciences Minors

African American Studies 18 credits  (Global Awareness minor)
Department of English
Students of all majors will benefit from gaining insights into the African American experience in this interdisciplinary minor that explores topics ranging from media, race, and gender to African American history.

Art 18 credits
Department of Humanities
Students seeking to express their creativity and gain technical proficiency may choose to minor in Art. This minor requires at least 9 credit hours in studio art and 6 credit hours in Art History/Appreciation.

Athletic Coaching 18 credits
College of Arts and Sciences
The Athletic Coaching minor is offered through the College of Arts and Sciences and be directly administered through the Physical Education program. The minor is interdisciplinary in nature and draws from courses in physical education, psychology, and sport management. The minor provides a cohesive and meaningful academic program for students wishing to pursue the formal study of athletic coaching.

Biology 19 credits
Department of Physical and Biological Sciences
Students majoring in psychology, chemistry, or criminal justice can enhance their studies with the addition of a biology minor. You’ll study plants, animals, and their interactions.

Bio-Medical Physics 20 credits
Department of Physical and Biological Sciences
A minor in Biomedical Physics will allow students who are interested in how physics applies to biomedicine to explore the subject from a deeper and more medical viewpoint. Through various lab activities and lectures, students will build a foundation for careers in biology, medicine, biophysics, and other related fields. 

Chemistry 20 credits
Department of Physical and Biological Sciences
Chemistry impacts many professions. A minor in chemistry provides an opportunity for students to investigate more fully the relationships between chemistry and disciplines such as biology, criminal justice, environmental science, and psychology.

Communication 18 credits
Department of Communication
Students in every major will find the communication minor beneficial in learning how to write clearly, speak well, handle electronic media, and make professional presentations.

Computer Forensics 18 credits
Department of Physical and Biological Sciences
The rate of computer crime is increasing at a phenomenal rate and is receiving heightened attention by businesses and the media. This minor prepares students to curb this trend with a combination of criminal justice and computing skills to enable them to investigate computer crimes.

Computer Science 20 credits
Department of Computer Science and Information Technology
From medicine to education, virtually every profession requires computer competency. Make yourself a real asset to future employers with a deeper understanding of the technology behind your desktop computer.

Criminal Justice 18 credits
Department of Criminal Justice and Sociology
Crime affects business, the environment, our families, and personal lives. Why not gain a better understanding of the criminal justice system through courses such as Criminology and Criminal Procedure. Even if you do not plan to work in the criminal justice system, think of the opportunities to apply what you learn in business, security, or social services.

Economics 18 credits
Department of Economics
Economics is the study of the production and distribution of wealth—something that affects every facet of our society. Regardless of your major or career plans, a knowledge of how the American and world economies work will be valuable and useful.

Education 18 credits
Department of Education
Many people spend their early careers in business and later share what they know as teachers. If you think you would one day want to enter this rewarding field, an education minor is an excellent addition to your résumé.

English 18 credits
Department of English
The study of literature can help you develop your ability to think critically and express your ideas as well as provide the stimulation and enjoyment of reading many wonderful works. This minor is an ideal complement to majors ranging from marketing communication/advertising to history and government.

Film Studies 18 credits
Department of English
In this fascinating minor, students explore the history of cinema, the art behind this powerful international medium, the process of screenwriting, the power of the director signature, and the various genres of film.

Forensic Science 29 credits
Department of Physical and Biological Sciences
This minor requires a solid foundation in General Biology, General Chemistry, and Organic Chemistry along with investigation-based courses such as Introduction to Criminal Justice and Scientific Evidence used by law enforcement agencies to solve crimes through forensic evidence.

History 18 credits
Department of History and Political Science
How can you know where you’re going if you don’t understand where you’ve been? The fascinating study of history helps us to put the present into perspective. From business to sociology majors, history offers a perfect complement to many majors.

Information Technology 19 credits
Department of Computer Science and Information Technology
Information drives today's organizations. This minor provides a solid foundation in Information Technology through such courses as Introduction to Operating Systems and Script Development, System Operation and Administration, and Network Security Concepts.

International Studies 21 credits  (Global Awareness minor)
Department of History and Political Science
The United States and U.S. companies are affected in so many ways by events beyond our borders, even events in the farthest places. This minor will help students better understand what some people call the "global village" and our place in it.

Journalism 18 credits
Clearly explaining significant and potentially complicated ideas and developments to a general audience is a complex task with enormous social implications. Learning to write well and to grasp the enormous ethical responsibility of journalists and journalism in a rapidly changing media environment is essential for understanding how ideas are framed, circulated, and received in society. This minor will help students develop skills in writing, editing, and synthesizing information for audiences of print, digital, audio, and audio/visual media platforms; learn conventional journalistic practices and standards in a variety of media, aiding in both the production and consumption of news; and explore the shifting dynamics of the journalism field in the contemporary U.S.

Latin American Studies 18 credits (Global Awareness minor)
Department of History and Political Science
From literature to history, this minor will take you into the rich cultural tapestry of Latin America. Upon the approval of the dean, certain language requirements may be waived for students with a demonstrated proficiency in Spanish or Portuguese.

Mathematical Sciences 18-20 credits
Department of Mathematics
An ideal complement to a major in computer science, economics, or any field in the College of Business, this minor will give you a solid mathematical foundation for jobs that use mathematical tools.

Media 18 credits
Department of Communication
The minor in media will prepare students for working with radio, television, production companies, and other electronic media. Students learn to develop news stories from start to finish through hands-on training in fact gathering, interviewing, writing, editing, filming, and on-air speaking.

Music 21 credits
Department of Humanities
Building on courses that focus on Music Appreciation and Music Theory and Composition, the Music minor includes 6 semester hours in musical performance randing from the Campus Chorus to the Pep Band to guitar instruction, plus 9 semester hours of MUS courses at the 200 or 300 level.

Philosophy 18 credits
Department of Humanities
Students with a minor in philosophy might study such topics as how we distinguish between reasonable and unreasonable beliefs, moral right and wrong, and justice and injustice, as well as explore Eastern and Western religions. They can also sharpen their reasoning, reading, and writing skills.

Political Science 18 credits
Department of History and Political Science
Globalization makes it increasingly difficult to separate business, education, and social issues from the influences of national and international governments. This minor is ideal for students majoring in business, history, economics, or communication.

Psychology 18 credits
Department of Psychology
Why do people do what they do? Studying psychology can help us understand other people and even ourselves. Understanding human behavior can benefit you in almost any career.

Public Administration 18 credits
Department of History and Political Science
If you are considering a career working for a nonprofit organization or the government, the public administration minor is an ideal choice. Choose courses ranging from Constitutional Law to Urban Economics.

Quantitative Economics 18 credits
Department of Economics
Quantitative economics is an ideal complement for a math, computer science, or Engineering major as well as for any Business student who has calculus. Mathematical and statistical skills are at a premium in the worlds of business, government or the non-profit sector and the Economics substance of this minor will focus on issues that affect all of our lives.

Religious Studies 18 Credits
Department of Arts and Humanities
The minor in Religious Studies enables students to explore religious traditions and spirituality. Students of any major will benefit from further developing their skills in analytical thinking, critical reading, and communication skills while examining the psychological, sociological, political, and ethical functions of religion and spirituality.

Social Justice 18 credits  (Global Awareness minor)
Department of Social Work
Students who have a passion for social justice can will benefit from courses in social work, economics, psychology and more. In this broad-based curriculum, topics range from hate crimes to public policy and intercultural communication. 

Social Work 18 credits
Department of Social Work
Considering a career in human resources management, teaching, law, or social services? In this minor, you’ll gain an understanding of the relationships between people and their social environment and acquire skills that will enable you to help others.

Social Work Minor for Criminal Justice Majors 19 credits
Department of Social Work
Designed specifically for students looking to pursue careers in law enforcement and related fields, this minor offers such fascinating courses as Social Work and Criminal Justice, Social Work Interventive Methods I (four credits), and Social Work Interventive Methods II (Interviewing Skills).

Sociology 21 credits
Department of Criminal Justice and Sociology
The study of sociology promotes an understanding of how society affects and influences our lives. The sociology minor will complement a variety of majors from general business to economics.

Spanish 18 credits  (Global Awareness minor)
Department of Humanities
The ability to converse in Spanish will benefit students entering business, education, or social services. The Spanish minor also offers courses specifically for criminal justice and social work majors.

Theatre 18 credits
Department of English
The Theatre Minor is perfect for the student who loved theatre in high school as an actor, designer, or Techie. This Minor is also great for the student who wants to pursue Theatre for fun or professionally after graduation. Some theatre courses include Acting I and II, Improvisational Comedy I and II, Directing I and II, and Theatre Appreciation. Participating in the schools drama club or Improv troupe can count towards your Minor. There are independent studies available for those students who want to pursue more specialized disciplines or just need help getting into the professional acting world.

Women's and Gender Studies 18 credits (Global Awareness minor)
Department of Sociology and Criminal Justice
The Women’s and Gender Studies (WGST) minor equips students with the practical and conceptual tools necessary for understanding the many ways in which gender affects our everyday lives. WGST is an interdisciplinary field that bridges the humanities, social sciences, and natural sciences to produce a rich and empathetic worldview that allows us to recognize and challenge gender inequality in our interactions, institutions (like work and family), and social world.

College of Business Minors

Business 18 credits
College of Business
Students in the College of Arts and Sciences and the College of Engineering who want to prepare for future careers in business can take a minor in business that will supply basic knowledge about accounting, finance, management, and marketing.

Enterprise Resource Planning Minor with SAP 31 credits
SAP is the all-encompassing computer software used by major corporations worldwide. Enterprise Resource Planning with SAP minor is offered as an advanced version of the SAP certification program offered by the College of Business, where students take more courses enriched with hands-on SAP training.

Entrepreneurship 18 credits
College of Business
Students pursuing the entrepreneurship minor will complement their major area of study with an understanding of what is involved in developing new ventures and in managing small and medium-sized firms. The interdisciplinary nature of the program will give students a broad perspective of the business enterprise. This undergraduate minor is open to all students at the University.

Human Resource Management 18 credits
College of Business
Students interested in understanding the employment relationship and pursuing careers in Human Resources will benefit from the Human Resources minor. Courses will focus on benefits, compensation, and employment law among other topics. This undergraduate minor is open to all students at the University.

International Business 15 credits (Global Awareness minor)
College of Business
From courses in International Finance to Multinational Marketing, the International Business minor offers an interdisciplinary program designed to help students develop the appropriate skills and knowledge required to enter careers in international business.

Management 18 credits
College of Business
Students who want to learn the latest management styles and techniques and how to handle the challenges of working in organizations can minor in management studies. This undergraduate minor is open to all students at the University except Management and Leadership majors.

Certificate Programs

Students may also elect to enhance their skills and knowledge through our certificate programs in:


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