Combined Degree Programs 

Give You a Career Advantage

Get an edge on your future with accelerated programs from Western New England University.

Strengthen the potential of your bachelor's degree with a master's degree from our AACSB-International accredited College of Business, ABET accredited College of Engineering or a Law degree from our ABA accredited School of Law!

Whether you choose to major in communication, marketing, or industrial engineering chances are you will work in the corporate world where you will need an MBA, a Master of Business Administration degree, to advance into management positions. At Western New England University, our accelerated combined degree programs can give you a distinct advantage in the job market while saving you time and tuition costs.

Arts and Sciences

The Five-year Bachelor/MBA degree *and the Five-year Bachelor/MS in Organizational Leadership* degree are open to most majors at the College of Arts and Sciences. These programs give students the benefit of a superb liberal arts education

*Not available to Education or Social Work majors


The Five-Year BS Engineering/MS Engineering Management program will prepare you to help your organization make the most effective use of its resources by teaching you proven strategies to increase productivity, encourage flexibility, and focus on customer satisfaction. The Five-year BSEE/MSEE and Five-year BSME/MSME gives you an educational advantage in the fields of electrical and mechanical engineering, respectively, making you a more qualified candidate for employers or doctoral study. In addition, many engineering graduates will go on to work at major corporations where knowledge of business functions will enable them to manage budgets, lead teams, and move into executive positions. The engineering Five-year BS Engineering/MBA will give you those important business skills right at the start of your career. If you qualify, you can conditionally be admitted to the MBA program when you apply as a high school senior.

Business and Accounting

Combined degree programs in business and accounting prepare students to begin their careers with advanced management skills. The Five-year Bachelor/MBA and Five-year Bachelor/MS in Organizational Leadership programs are open to all business majors. Graduates of the Five-year Accounting/MSA program are automatically qualified to sit for the CPA exam in Massachusetts and Connecticut. 

The MBA and MS in Organizational Leadership programs are available to all students except for Education and Social Work majors. The courses are taught online with an option to meet in class for half of the sessions in each course. The Master of Science in Accounting (available only to Accounting majors) fulfills the academic requirement to become a licensed CPA in many states.

Six-year Engineering/Law

Combining an engineering degree with law makes a lot of sense for those interested in a career in patent law and intellectual property. Technology innovations are expanding rapidly in telecommunication, medicine, energy, and manufacturing. Through the accelerated Six-year Engineering/Law program, highly motivated students will have a distinct educational background to find successful careers in Intellectual Property, Patent Law or related specialties.

3+3 Law Program

Get on the fast track to a law degree. Qualified students in the Colleges of Business and Arts and Sciences may participate in the general 3+3 Law Program to earn their Bachelor's and Juris Doctor's degrees in just six years instead of seven (3+3 Program). To qualify for this program, students must have a grade point average of 3.3 and score above the median LSAT for the previous year's School of Law matriculants.

Combined Degree Programs

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