Up with People

Travel. Perform. Impact.

As part of the Up with People cast you don't just say it, or in this case sing it. You live it. Up with People is a group of young people that actively participate in community service and educational programs, as well as perform live for thousands of people all over the world.

As a member of the cast, you could be one of the one hundred people experiencing travel throughout the country and abroad while making a difference. As a Western New England University student, you have a special opportunity to participate in this unique travel, service leaning, and study experience.

  • Western New England University is one of only a handful of colleges in the world to partner with the Up with People organization.
  • There are two casts per year. Cast A runs from January to June, and Cast B picks up running from July through December.
  • This is a semester-long travel opportunity in the United States and abroad.
  • Financial aid awards are applicable to the Up with People travel experience.
  • Students receive college credit as they would spending a semester at a foreign institution.

Best known for its engaging and inspiring musical performances, the Up with People global education program offers participants firsthand exposure to social issues and provides the opportunity to address local community needs and make an impact all over the world.

If you have additional questions about the Up with People travel experience at Western New England University, contact the Office of Admissions and visit Up with People's website www.upwithpeople.org

Read about transfer credits and course offerings.

To learn more contact:

Josie Brown-Rose, Assistant Dean of Arts and Sciences, and Assistant Director of the Study Abroad Program

Phone: 413-782-1279

Email: jbrownro@wne.edu

Dr. Saeed Ghahramani, Dean of Arts and Sciences School and Director of the Study Abroad Program

Phone: 413-782-1218

Email: ghahram@wne.edu