Up with People Education Transfer Credits

Western New England University students have the opportunity to travel, experience cultural immersion with international students, and live with host families from around the world. Through the Up with People partnership, qualifying students can spend six months on a journey with opportunities for personal growth, leadership training, service learning, and participation in the performing arts as they travel across three continents. In certain situations, a student can complete an additional semester with Up with People earning an additional 12-15 credits towards graduation. For many students, it's a global education that lasts a lifetime; for others, it's a life-transforming experience.

A student completing a semester at Western New England University with a grade point average of 2.5 or better and who has successfully completed 27 credits or more is eligible to participate in the Up with People Program (It is possible to make an exception to these rules depending upon the student's major requirements and general electives). Students who have participated in the Up with People program prior to attending Western New England University, and who have successfully completed the program, will have their credits applied towards graduation after completing one semester (15 credits) of enrollment at Western New England University.

Students who are planning to participate in the Up with People program will be able to fulfill college course requirements and general electives based upon the requirements of their major and minor. The assistant dean of Arts and Sciences will assist the student in course selection and explain how transfer credit from the Up with People program will be applied to the student's audit.

Courses that may be used towards graduation can be chosen from the following:

LA 185 First Year Seminar. Two Credits. First Year Seminar is a course designed to ease the transition to the first year of college, to explore the value of college, and to develop a sense of personal identity.

CUL 185 Cultural Awareness. Three Credits. This course introduces the student to the theories of Edward Hall and Geert Hofstede to help them think critically about different dimensions of culture. Also, the course introduces the student to culture shock principles, the cultural adjustment curve, and coping strategies.

THTR 185 Theatre Preparation. Three Credits. In addition to learning the dances and cast movement/choreography for the show, participants are also exposed to different styles of dance. In this class, students learn proper vocal warm-ups, projection, and singing techniques, as well as how to sing the various styles of music. Students will participate in the design and set up of technical equipment, and learn how to set up and strike the lighting, sound, and stage elements of the show.

SO 185 Socialization of Diversity. Three Credits. This course explores how students can avoid stereotyping and learn to share with others about their cultures. Students will become familiar with the diversity in the countries in which they travel, work, and live in.

SO 186 Leadership. Three Credits. This course focuses on the purpose of setting goals and the challenge of moving beyond ones' comfort zone. Students will learn how leadership is defined and manifested in the group represented in the cast, and what leadership roles and opportunities are available in the Up with People program.

ILP 185 Global Series. Three Credits. Students will explore various global issues, their origins, theories, and consequences, as well as discuss ways these issues are interconnected to each other. The purpose is to provide students with an overview of the world they live in and have them explore ways in which they can become change agents and active global citizens.

PEHR 185 Physical Warm-up. One Credit. Students are trained in healthy physical warm-up, stretching techniques, as well as cardio and strengthening activities.

LBC. Learning Beyond the Classroom can be completed while participating in the Up With People program. Each student will submit a minimum 1,000-word reflection paper in which the student describes the activity or experience, relates the experience to learning introduced in their courses, and reflects on the value of the experience from a learning perspective.

Second Semester with Up with People

Students can take additional courses that may be applied towards the student's graduation requirement. A student needs permission from the Assistant Dean of The College of Arts and Sciences prior to enrolling in the second semester of the Up with People program.

COMM 100.  Principles of Communication. Three Credits. This is an introduction to the fundamental theory of interpersonal communication and public speaking. The course explores effective listening, small group communication, nonverbal communication, and similarities and differences between speaking and writing. Listening skills, question-asking, and public speaking will be included.

CUL 181. World Cultures. Three Credits. Topics that are not offered on a regular basis are examined. Recent topics have been China, Southeast Asia, Mexico, Ireland, and a travel course to Italy and the Low Countries. The course may be repeated for credit if the topic varies.

SO 181. Introduction to Sociology Worldwide. Three Credits. Topics in sociology that are not offered on a regular basis will be examined. Students will explore such topics as: the social group, organization, family institutions, education, and the economy. Other topics include social stratification based on class, gender, race and ethnicity, deviance, and social change.

EC 180. World Economic Issues. Three Credits. Students will gain valuable knowledge of the economy of different countries while traveling and studying financial conditions in which people live. The student will gain additional understanding of government policies such as income maintenance, wages, and labor force.

INTERNSHIP. ILSP 480. International Travel. Traveling, living, and learning with 80-100 students from more than 20 countries, participants learn how to work cooperatively while exploring the similarities and differences of other nations and cultures.

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To learn more contact:

Dr. Alfred Ingham, Assistant Dean of The College of Arts and Sciences, and Assistant Director of the Study Abroad Program

Phone: 413-782-1364


Dr. Saeed Ghahramani, Dean of The College of Arts and Sciences and Director of the Study Abroad Program

Phone: 413-782-1218