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Fall/Spring Semesters or Summer Seminar

esce_094_copiejpgAn Experience to Remember—Make Paris your classroom.

Nothing expands your worldview like studying in a foreign country. Through a special exchange programs with École Supérieure de Commerce Extérieur (ESCE), Western New England University students can now spend a semester or summer seminar in Paris. You will live and study in the heart of the city's business center as you learn about the culture, business environment, and economy of 21st century France and the European Union.

You will study at École Supérieure de Commerce Extérieur (ESCE), a business university located near tourist sites such as the Eiffel Tower, Arc de Triomphe, and the Champs Elysees.

Semester programs are ideal for sophomores, juniors, or seniors in the College of Business or Communication majors. The Summer Seminar program is open to all students. All classes taught in English.

Fall Semester: Late August to mid December
Spring Semester: Early January to mid June
Summer Seminar: Late June to late July

Semester Programs (fall and spring)

Many courses at ESCE are taught in English. Exchange students can take courses such as:

• Corporate Social Responsibility
• European Business Culture
• International Business Negotiation
• International Financial Markets in the English language

All students are enrolled in a mandatory French language course depending on level of proficiency.

Summer Seminar Program
ESCE offers a four-week summer program in English. The program consists of four courses:

• Intensive French Language
• Fashion and Luxury Goods Marketing
• The French Wine Business
• French Culture and Identity

In addition, students will have the opportunity to participate in cultural activities such as visits to Paris museums and monuments and behind the scenes visits to French businesses.

Estimated Costs:

Tuition is paid to Western New England University for semester programs and living expenses are payable to ESCE/residence that you choose. Several types of accommodation are available including student housing, off campus apartments, and home stays. ESCE staff will assist students in applying for housing. ESCE estimates that the cost of living for a student in Paris is as follows:

Estimated costs for a typical student in Paris

• Housing: Minimum $950 per month + utilities
• Entertainment:
$135 per month 
• Food:
$270 per month
• Transportation:
$ 80-$95 per month (within Paris only)
• Miscellaneous:
$135 per month
• Social Security for Non-EU Students:

Please note that costs are subject to change and vary depending on accommodations, personal spending habits, and exchange rates.

For more information, contact Katie Ahlman, international student coordinator, at 413-796-2389 or


• École Supérieure de Commerce Extérieur (ESCE)

Got Your Passport?
Don’t forget to apply now for your passport to be ready to take advantage of this unique educational/travel opportunity.

Academic Requirements

Students must be in good academic standing to participate in study abroad opportunities. Students participating in year-long or semester-long study abroad programs must satisfy the the specific grade point average required by the foreign university they will be attending. To learn more, contact:

Dr. Josie Brown-Rose, Assistant Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences and Assistant Director of the Study Abroad Program
Phone: 413-782-1279

Dr. Saeed Ghahramani, Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences and Director of the Study Abroad Program
Phone: 413-782-1218






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