Support Services

The University makes available a Peer Tutoring Program to assist students with long and short-term objectives in both 100 and 200 level (freshman and sophomore) courses. Peer Tutors are available in a wide variety of subjects. Peer Tutors are students who have been selected based on their high level of academic success in the course that they will be tutoring. Tutors are trained by and report to the Coordinator of First Year Student Development. Students interested in obtaining a tutor can request one by contacting the Coordinator of First Year Student Development in the Office of Freshman and Transfer Students.

Supplemental Instruction
In certain high-risk courses, there is also available special academic assistance in the form of supplemental instruction. Known as SI, appropriately trained and experienced students provide learning support in regularly scheduled sessions designed to foster skills in how to learn content. SI differs from tutoring in that the emphasis is on the learning process rather than content.

Writing Center
The Writing Center exists to assist students with any stage of a writing assignment. Students can get help starting with an assignment, organizing material, editing, revising, reviewing grammatical and mechanical rules, developing research skills, or learning word processing. The Center provides a typing tutor, a collection of writing reference materials, and a supply of computer-aided writing programs. The Writing Center is located in Herman Hall Room 109.

Math Center
The Math Center provides a student-assistance program where upper-level students act as tutors and mentors for students taking mathematics courses. Math Center tutors have all completed the courses that they are tutors for, and are highly recommended by their instructors. Each semester, a Math Center schedule is posted, listing times when tutoring is available for specific courses. Individual appointments are available but are not required as walk-ins are welcome. The Math Center is located in Herman Hall Room 307.

Student Disability Services
The Student Disability Services Office is designed to provide support for students who choose to voluntarily identify themselves and provide documentation of their learning disabilities. The Office works with students and faculty to ensure that necessary services and accommodations are provided in a timely and efficient manner. Specific requests are reviewed and recommendations made on a case-by-case basis. The Director of the Office is available during office hours to address questions and problems, and when needed, serve as a referral source.

Appropriate accommodations are based upon submitted documentation.  Some of these accommodations might include extended time on tests, exams given in a distraction-free environment, peer note-takers in the class, books on tape, etc. Students are also able to receive individualized tutoring from staff members who are trained to work with students with learning disabilities at the University's Math Center, Reading Lab, Writing Center, and College of Business. The Student Disability Services Office is located at Deliso Hall Room G06.