College of Engineering - Graduate Programs

Our graduate engineering programs are all about choices. Offering thesis, non-thesis, and project options, our College of Engineering will give you the in-depth preparation you need to stay ahead of the technology curve.

PhD in Engineering Management
In this full- or part-time program, you will learn the technical depth and gain the breadth of knowledge to become a successful practitioner, researcher, or educator in the management of engineering and technology. The program focuses on developing skills needed to conduct rigorous research in areas related to the improvement, design, and management of projects and programs within complex human technological systems including engineering, healthcare, service, and logistical/transportation systems.

Study Method:
On campus evening
Terms: 11-week
Coursework: 57-87 credits

Master of Science in Electrical Engineering (MSEE)

Study Method: On campus evening, online, and hybrid courses
Terms: 11-week and 15-week
Coursework: 30 credits

Mechatronics Concentration

Master of Science in Mechanical Engineering (MSME)

Study Method: On campus evening
Terms: 11-week
Coursework: 30 credits

Mechatronics Concentration

Master of Science in Engineering Management (MSEM)**
The Engineering Management Program includes courses in engineering administration, statistical methods for quality assurance, and the economic aspects of engineering decisions. The Program allows for selection of up to three electives from the University’s MBA Program and offers thesis or non-thesis options.

Study Method: On campus evening, online, and hybrid courses
Terms: 11-week
Coursework: 30 credits

**The 11-week terms run concurrently with MBA offerings, providing students with the opportunity to take MBA courses
as electives.

Master of Science in Engineering Management/MBA Combined Degree Program
If you're looking to move into a leadership position within the field of engineering or into upper management, you will need to strengthen your management and technological skills. The Master of Science in Engineering Management/MBA (MSEM/MBA) is an accelerated combined degree program designed for those in the engineering profession who want to advance their knowledge and improve their management career opportunities in engineering and technology-oriented companies.  By pursuing the combined degree, successful graduates would earn two degrees in less time by taking advantage of credits for courses that can be applied to both programs.

Certificate Programs
If you’re looking to gain proficiency in a specific area, Graduate Certificate programs can help you advance your career with the completion of four to six courses. Should you later choose to enroll in a masters’ program, credits from our certificate programs may be transferable. Graduate level certificate programs include:

Green Belt Certification
A Green Belt possess the knowledge to support and champion Six Sigma implementation and participates in Six Sigma projects as a team leader or a team member. Individuals certified as a result of completing the coursework will have knowledge and skills equal or superior to many working Black Belts in business and industry today. The four courses in this program may be applied to the Master of Science in Engineering Management.



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