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 A Post-Baccalaureate Alternative Route Licensure Program for those interested in becoming a licensed secondary teacher in Massachusetts.

Offered by The Teachers' Loft in Collaboration with Western New England University

TIMELI is fully approved by the Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education (DESE) 

What is TIMELI?
TIMELI is a collaboration between The Teachers' Loft located in Holyoke, MA and Western New England University in Springfield, MA.  It is an alternative path to licensure for a Massachusetts initial license in secondary education in the following content areas: Biology, Chemistry, English, History, and Mathematics. With the focus on licensure and induction, you become a member of both the local and professional communities.  You will: 

  • Learn to teach more effectively by developing tools of inquiry to become a reflective practitioner, develop teaching strategies grounded in contemporary learning theory, and acquire content knowledge in your area of interest;
  • Join a cohort of colleagues who will collaborate in the process of becoming a teacher;
  • Have the opportunity to work in a classroom with students beginning the first semester; and
  • Benefit from shared supervision and support while in the classroom setting from The Teachers' Loft educators, Western New England University faculty, and classroom teachers.

How long will the program take to complete?
TIMELI is a part-time program that can be completed in as little as one year.  Candidates begin their studies in the summer. Courses will be offered one weekday evening, for approximately two and half hours, for eleven weeks during the summer, fall, winter, and spring at The Teachers' Loft, with occasional class sessions at Western New England University. Online sessions will complement your face-to-face time providing greater flexibility. The summer term will consist of a hybrid course (blend of online and in-class), beginning with a one week intensive in early August.  If you need to fulfill content course requirements, additional time during the week will be needed to fulfill these requirements.  Candidates offered admission will be provided with a preliminary assessment to determine program requirements and a projected plan to complete the program. Depending on your background, additional time may be required to fulfill licensure requirements.  

What will the program involve?
  ED 561: Entering the Profession of Teaching                                  1 credit
  ED 562: Becoming a Teacher in Today's Schools                            1 credit
  ED 563: Designing Curriculum through Data Collection & Inquiry     1 credit
  ED 564: Applying Inquiry Tools: Using Data to Better Practice          1 credit
  Classroom Field Experience                                                          25 hours (minimum)
  Content courses as determined upon admissions**                           Will vary
  Culminating Field Experience                                                        300 hours (minimum)
  Content courses as determined upon admissions**                           Will vary

** Students will select the appropriate content courses from Western New England University's undergraduate course offerings.

Who is eligible for TIMELI?
Anyone who is interested in becoming a Massachusetts licensed teacher is welcome to apply. We will assist you in mapping out a specific path to licensure if you are new to the profession, currently working in an unlicensed role, or wish to formalize previous experience with school-age students. TIMELI is best suited for candidates interested in pursuing their initial license in secondary education in the following content areas: Biology, Chemistry, English, History, and Mathematics.

What are the admissions requirements?
Eligible candidates for TIMELI must have a Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Science degree from an accredited college or university. An overall grade point average of at least a 2.8 (4.0 scale) is typically required for admission. Candidates will be asked to submit official copies of transcripts for all colleges attended, a current resume, two letters or recommendation, a personal statement, and a $30 application fee.

All incoming students will have an individual meeting to determine what courses they will need in addition to the pedagogy courses. An advisor will assist you throughout the program.

It is highly recommended that candidates for TIMELI take and pass the Communication and Literacy Massachusetts Tests for Educator Licensure (MTEL) prior to beginning the program. For more information about the MTEL visit http://www.mtel.nesinc.com.
How do I apply for TIMELI?
To request an application for admission, please contact the Admissions Office at Western New England University at 413-782-1517 or study@wne.edu.

How much does TIMELI cost?
Students will be responsible for a program fee and tuition associated with TIMELI.  Tuition for 500 level courses is $335.00 per credit (2014-15 rate).  If you are required to complete undergraduate content courses, they will be offered at the part-time rate of $588.00 per credit (2014-15 rate).  Students will be charged the part-time undergraduate tuition rate for a supervised field experience(s).  The number of equivalent credit hours will vary based on a student's prior teaching experience.  Based on the hours required, a student will be charged for 2-6 credits at the part-time undergraduate rate. Tuition payments will be paid directly to Western New England University. Students must pay the program fee of $4,950 directly to The Teacher's Loft, which is payable in installments over the span of the program.

What about graduate studies?
Upon completion of TIMELI, you can elect to pursue a master's degree at Western New England University and secure your professional license.  The following degrees are offered:

Master of Arts in English for Teachers
Master of Arts in Mathematics for Teachers

The Teachers' Loft
At a Glance

The Teachers' Loft was founded in 2003 and is the endorsing agent of the TIMELI program.  As a non-profit educational organization it provides educational resource for PreK-12 teachers in Western Massachusetts by inviting teachers to take part in quality, community-based professional development.  Working in tandem with schools and traditional teacher preparation programs, The Teachers' Loft provides a unique environment for teachers that is separate from yet complements the more typical venues for teacher learning. For additional information about The Teachers' Loft, visit: http://www.teachersloft.org.


For questions about the application process and Western New England University, contact the Admissions Office at 413-782-1517 or study@wne.edu

For questions about TIMELI contact the Executive Director at The Teachers' Loft at 413-221-0111 or info@teachersloft.org.