Course Delivery

Pursue your studies online with optional classroom sessions*

At Western New England University, we understand that "life happens," and we hope our innovative approach will provide the flexibility to help you achieve your personal success plan. 

How are classes offered?
All of the graduate business courses utilize Kodiak. Through your Kodiak portal, you can post or receive assignments, attend class, chat with students and professors, download lecture podcasts, and more. View a tutorial.

Is our format different than a hybrid format?
Yes. Unlike traditional hybrid programs that require you to attend specified in-class sessions, our programs provide you with the flexibility to chose whether you attend optional in-class sessions.  Our in-class sessions are not mandatory.  However, if you are looking for the ability to meet with your professor and classmates face-to-face, you will have designated in-class sessions that will provide you with the opportunity to do just that.  We believe our programs provide you with the ultimate in flexibility to earn your MBA or MSA degree.

How do the courses work? 
Each course will consist of 11 classes. Six classes will be designated as campus-based*, while 5 will be offered completely online via Kodiak. You choose whether you will attend the classes that take place on campus. Your professor will determine the on-campus class schedule in advance so that you will be able to plan accordingly. Whether you attend one of the on-campus classes, all six, or complete your course entirely online, the choice is yours. 

* International candidates will be required to attend in-class sessions in order to be in compliance with student visa requirements.