There are many ways to stay connected to your alma mater. The Office of Alumni Relations and the Alumni Association offer a number of programs that assist both alumni and students, and present alumni with many satisfying volunteer opportunities. Whether you serve on a committee or volunteer for a one-time activity, your time will be fulfilling and well spent. To find out more about any of the opportunities below, please contact the Office of Alumni Relations by phone 800-962-6592 or 413-782-1327, or by email

Where can your time and talents help the most? Just look at the options!

Alumni Association Board of Directors

Experienced Alumni Association volunteers take on the important work of the Alumni Association Board of Directors. This body provides the leadership and administration necessary to support the Alumni Association's mission. The Board establishes objectives, promotes services and organizations, promotes the Alumni Association's public image, and develops an annual plan. The Association Board of Directors is composed of the elected officers of the Alumni Association:

  • President
  • Vice President
  • Secretary
  • Volunteer Management Committee Chair
  • Advancement Committee Chair
  • Alumni Outreach Committee Chair
  • Two-year Alumni Representatives to the Board of Trustees (appointed)
  • One-year Alumni Representative to the Board of Trustees (appointed)
  • Past President(s) of the Alumni Association (appointed)
  • Up to five Members-at-Large
  • Student Representative (appointed)

Volunteer Management Committee

Your organizational skills and managerial acumen could make you a valued contributor to any of the three teams that make up the Volunteer Management Committee. This group of teams handles all administrative matters of the Alumni Association such as awards selection, constitution and bylaw review, and nominations process.

Advancement Committee

This Committee functions as a forum for sharing ideas and developing plans to engage, educate, and solicit fellow alumni. Additionally, this group focuses on helping to reach the Annual Giving Campaign goals.

Alumni Outreach Committee

If you have a knack for event planning and are looking for a committee with a strong social aspect, the Alumni Outreach Committee may be right for you. This group helps coordinate social events such as Homecoming, and the Annual Alumni Golf Tournament. The team also oversees the annual Skookum Awards, and the Student and Alumni Team.

Other Volunteer Opportunities Include:


This program offers you the opportunity to represent the University as a spokesperson. Since 1987, many alumni have represented the University in or near their hometowns and provided personalized information about the "Western New England University Experience" to prospective students and their families. Alumni are trained in the recruitment process and given all necessary materials for recruiting students.

Event Volunteers

A number of opportunities exist in the greater Springfield area that need alumni volunteers. These events include, but are not limited to such things as: Commencement ushers, spotters for the Annual Alumni Golf Tournament, and general assistants throughout Homecoming weekend. Watch the Alumni News and Events sections of the website for periodic calls for help.