Welcome to the College of Arts and Sciences

The College of Arts and Sciences has the advantages of small liberal arts colleges and the benefits of large comprehensive institutions. It offers many programs, is diverse, and pays a lot of attention to one-on-one interactions with students. Faculty members are involved much more effectively in advising our students. Most of our undergraduates go through meaningful real-world internship programs. We promote undergraduate research, and our program reflects the ongoing revolution in on-line education and information technology. We offer excellent and extensive student support services in Mathematics, English and Sciences. We are small enough to provide students the attentions they need to acquire knowledge, the core of an all-purpose higher education, and at the same time expertise in specialized areas of interest for successful future careers.

The College of Arts and Sciences enriches lives by connecting the programs, services, and intellectual resources of Western New England University to constituencies on campus, in the greater Springfield region and beyond. The greatest strength of the College of Arts and Sciences is that it is a truly student-oriented learning environment. Through an honest, challenging and significant curriculum we prepare our students for productive and creative lives in the global society. The breadth of the programs we offer in Arts and Sciences enables our students to learn to think about complex issues from different perspectives. Our graduates are able to adapt to change and are able to respond to issues encompassing more than one discipline.

The College of Arts and Sciences consists of a group of highly reputable professors. The faculty members not only are true scholars in their fields of expertise, they are among the best teachers in our nation. The faculty of Arts and Sciences publish very successful books with prestigious publishers, and refereed research papers in highly selective international journals. The scholarly works of the faculty of Arts and Sciences have been internationally recognized by major award nominations, grants, and other accolades. The faculty members of Arts and Sciences present research and educational papers, and offer workshops at prestigious international conferences.

A significant aspect of the University's mission is the integration of professional and liberal learning. Accordingly, the College of Arts and Sciences serves all undergraduate students, those in its own programs as well as those in the College of Business, the College of Engineering, and students enrolled in certain graduate degree and other continuing education programs. (Business students must have 50% of their credits and Engineering students must have 33% of their credits in courses offered through the College of Arts and Sciences.)

Dean's Message


At the dawn of the 21st century, the impact of technology can be seen all around. A world of information is readily at our fingertips, but beneath the surface of the high-tech machines that connect us, something more dramatic is taking place. With more people reading and writing electronically, literacy has renewed value. [read more]

Saeed Ghahramani
Dean, College of Arts and Sciences