The 3+3 Law Program

The 3+3 Law Program allows qualified students to save tuition costs by completing a bachelor's degree and a law degree in six years instead of seven. Through a unique arrangement with the Western New England University School of Law, the 3+3 Law Program allows students to begin their first year of law school during their fourth year of undergraduate study. All credits apply to the bachelor's degree.

Is the program for you?

Do you have an analytical mind? Do you have strong writing and oral communication skills? Do you have an interest in the law? If you can combine these attributes with a strong academic background, you should consider applying to the School of Law through the 3+3 Law Program.

The Program

If you have a 3.3 minimum grade point average and have completed all your college requirements, we encourage you to apply to the School of Law through the 3+3 Law Program. You'll also need to score above the median LSAT for the previous year's School of Law matriculants.

Students who qualify will enter the Law School in the fall of their fourth undergraduate year and will receive their Bachelor's Degree at its end. They are eligible to obtain their Juris Doctor degree after two more years of study.

Transfer students must successfully complete at least 45 credit hours of undergraduate studies at Western New England University in order to apply for this program.

What majors should you study for the 3+3 Law Program?

Although there is no "prelaw" major, if you want to be a lawyer, good preparation is to develop proficiency in writing and speaking, research, and analysis. Preferred majors through which you can develop these skills include:
- English
- Business
- History
- Political Science
- Economics
- Mathematics
- Law and Society

Some majors require too much sequential work for completion in three years and would make them inappropriate for 3+3 Law study. These include all engineering majors, chemistry, computer science, mathematics, and social work. Biology would require summer work. Your advisor can provide additional guidance in selecting an appropriate 3+3 Law major. You can also choose to select individual courses related to the area of legal practice that interests you such as engineering courses for a career in patent law or accounting courses in preparation to be a tax attorney.

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The Faculty

No matter which major you choose to pursue in the 3+3 Law Progam at Western New England University, you will be taught in small classes by experienced professors, not graduate students, who take a personal interest in your progress. Our students find their teachers are always easy to approach and available for one-to-one consultation.

The Western New England University School of Law's faculty has been educated at many of the nation's most prestigious law schools and bring a variety of legal experience and scholarship to the classroom. Our adjunct faculty includes practicing attorneys and judges.

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3+3 law students are active in:
• Alpha Etu Delta (criminal justice honor society)
• Alpha Lambda Delta(First-year honor society)
• Historical Society
• Pi Sigma Alpha(political science honor society)
• Pre-law Society

Many of our students also participate in varsity and intramural sports, special interest groups, and student government.

Inside the 3+3 Law Program


You can put your 3+3 Law education to work in a variety of areas. Government and the private sector offer great opportunities for people with law degrees. More than 7,000 men and women have graduated from the Western New England University School of Law. Our graduates can be found at small or medium sized law firms; in the legal departments of insurance, business, financial institutions; in government, the military, the courts system and related fields. More than 100 of our law alumni have been appointed judges.