Mission Statement

The mission of the College of Arts and Sciences is to provide an education grounded in the core principles of the Liberal Arts and carried out through a comprehensive curriculum based on a foundation of knowledge in the natural and mathematical sciences, social sciences, and the humanities. The College of Arts & Sciences is committed to the development of the whole person. The College recognizes that before a student reaches a point at which professions can be chosen wisely and pursued properly, that student needs to have developed intellectually so those choices are the right ones for his or her unique talents and life goals. This development requires exposure to a wide range of knowledge and training in a similarly wide range of relevant skills. It also requires an appreciation of what it means to belong to multiple and diverse communities -- locally, nationally, and internationally.

The College thus treats students as active learners, able to learn both independently and collaboratively. These complementary abilities, which will provide the foundation for life-long learning and mature decision making, are cultivated in order to help shape our students into well-rounded individuals with an understanding of themselves, the people around them, and the natural world to which they belong. The College of Arts & Sciences provides a research-rich environment in which students can partner with faculty and peers in creating knowledge, not merely serving as repositories for knowledge generated elsewhere and by others.

The College offers a wide range of programs of study. Based on a combination of individual goals, temperament, and academic experiences, students can take one of two paths – either into one of our more professionally-minded degree programs or into one of the traditional disciplines that provide students with skills that fit a variety of careers and allow transitions between careers.

Whatever particular course of study our students follow, the critical thinking, creativity, and core skills taught in the Arts & Sciences together empower our students to address the increasingly fluid demands of work and citizenship.

Vision Statement

Graduates of the College of Arts and Sciences will be recognized for the ability to:

  • Communicate clearly and logically both orally and in writing
  • Read for information and inferential meaning
  • Think critically in a variety of settings and situations and critically examine pre-existing ideas and belief systems
  • Solve a variety of complex problems employing mathematical and scientific methods, in addition to more qualitative methods of inquiry
  • Employ new technologies effectively and responsibly
  • Appreciate the richness and diversity of human cultures and the interdependence of the economies and peoples of the world
  • Comprehend and evaluate information from a wide range of subjects that enables citizens to make well-informed decisions
  • Make warranted ethical judgments based on a comprehensive understanding of the context and consequences
  • Practice self-expression and reflection in a variety of media and formats
  • Explore the history and practice of the Arts, including music, theatre, and the visual arts