Color of Law Roundtable Discussion Hosts Assistant Attorney General Torres

The School of Law hosted Jessica Torres L'99 on October 30 as part of the Color of Law Roundtable Discussion Series. Torres, the Assistant Attorney General for the Connecticut Office of the Attorney General, discussed her past experiences and answered questions from those in attendance.

In helping to prepare students for what to expect upon graduation and once they are in a legal profession, Torres said that "when you're new, they are going to challenge you because they don't think you know the law. A lot of times, depending on where you are working, you will know more than the other people there because they have become comfortable and they don't keep up to date with the law." 

dsc_0050web.jpgAbove all else, Torres stressed that one must be passionate about the work that they do. "When you can bring passion into your work it enhances how you can communicate with others," said Torres. "In jury trials, when they talk about theater and the stage, they really meant it. Because the jurors are regular human beings and the more real you can make it to yourself, the more creditability you can provide. If you believe what you are arguing, people will respect that."

The Color of Law Roundtable seeks to bring attorneys of color to the College to share their educational, career, and personal experiences with the School of Law community. The next speaker will be Criminal Defense Attorney Charles Groce III L'97 on November 10 starting at noon at the S. Prestley Blake Law Center.