Color of Law Roundtable Discussion

As part of the Color of Law Roundtable Discussion Series, Attorney Netta Vatti spoke with law students on February 29 about valuable life lessons. Vatti encouraged everyone in the room to ask questions throughout life in order to continue to learn. When giving advice about how to be successful in the court system, Vatti spoke highly about preparation and passion, drawing on her 14 years of civil litigation experience. 

dsc_011web0.jpg"To be a successful trial lawyer, if you can be prepared and passionate with speaking to a jury or a judge, you're going to go a long way to convincing them that not only do you believe in your position, but they should too", said Vatti. "The best trial lawyers I have ever met are the ones that are prepared and also who will be able to speak to a jury or a judge and advocate passionately and with conviction."

The Color of Law series is designed to expose Western New England College law students to attorneys, professionals, and judges of color from the surrounding area. Vatti was the second of four speakers to take part in the Color of Law Roundtable Discussion which will be held throughout the semester.