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Strategic Plan 2015-2019

This strategic plan identifies five strategic priorities and goals that are interrelated and will position the College of Business to achieve its Mission, Vision, and Core Values. Implementation of the strategic plan will involve each of the College of Business academic departments identifying action items as part of the departmental planning process. 

Priority 1: Enrichment of the Learning Experience

Goal 1: Increase meaningful opportunities for interdisciplinary integration for undergraduate students.

Goal 2: Develop additional relevant opportunities for graduate students, particularly dual degrees and concentrations.

Goal 3: Create a culture that attracts, recognizes, challenges, and connects high performing students.

Goal 4: Enhance students’ global business perspective through international education opportunities, as well as reinforcing environmental and social responsibility and cultural awareness in the curriculum.

Priority 2: Enhance Student Career Readiness and Access to Employment Opportunities in the Global Workplace

Goal 1: Enhance career preparedness and career readiness skills of students.

Goal 2: Expand students’ preparedness to enter the international workplace.

Goal 3: Advance faculty members’ global research and global professional development to facilitate student international career readiness.

Priority 3: Integrate Emerging Technology in Pedagogy and in the Curriculum

Goal 1: Incorporate technology that meet the needs of student learning styles.

Goal 2: Meet the needs of the business community by incorporating social media and business analytics into the curriculum.

Priority 4: Attract and Retain High Quality Faculty

Goal 1: Promote faculty excellence.

Goal 2: Provide programs and support to improve or enhance teaching at both the undergraduate and graduate levels.

Goal 3: Commit to recruit minority candidates and develop innovative salary enhancements, as well as mentoring programs, for minority candidates.

Priority 5: Secure financial support to advance the mission of the College of Business

Goal 1: Strengthen business partnerships.

Goal 2: Continue outreach to alumni in order to ensure involvement in the College of Business.

Goal 3: Secure funding from the University and from external sources to support the College of Business vision.

Endorsed by College of Business faculty April 29, 2015

A Foundation for Success


We develop educational communities that support lifelong learners who proactively influence their career, organization, and society.


A premier College of Business that challenges and prepares professionals for the dynamic business environment.

Core Values

  • A balance of academic and professional challenge within an atmosphere of personal concern and individual support.
  • Collaboration among the faculty and with the business community, alumni, and other Western New England University Colleges and the School of Law to achieve innovative and integrated course design and program design.
  • A community that fosters respect for diversity, integrity, social responsibility and sustainability.
  • Scholarship that primarily focuses on instructional and applied research to enrich student learning experiences.
 Endorsed by College of Business faculty May, 2017.