Business Analytics and Information Management Major

Analytics are used in almost every industry and every organization. The way businesses operate today is drastically different from recent past. Social media, mobile and cloud computing, and other computing technologies are driving the business world. Today, the digital economy and Big Data merge with Analytics, which is studying complex data objects to visualize patterns to make better decisions. 

Western New England University’s Business Analytics and Information Management (BAIM) degree program will prepare you for some of the best-paid and exciting jobs of the future. Our faculty has the background and experience to prepare you for a career in the new and exciting field of Analytics.

Quick Facts on Business Analytics Field

  • The Business Analytics and Information Management program is one of only two undergraduate programs in the country preparing students for careers in this in-demand field!
  • Students can be certified in both SAP, enterprise-wide software used by leading corporations, and SAS, the world’s leading software suite for advanced analytics. 
  • Information Technology is a critical function in today’s organizations, which need professionals who understand both business and technology.
  • The 2012 IBM Technology Trends report shows only 1 in 10 organizations have the skills they need to benefit from advanced technology.
  • McKinsey Global Institute research shows that need for skilled Business Intelligence workers in the U.S. will exceed the available work force by 60 percent.
  • Forbes writes, for every 10 business professionals, there is one or fewer data scientist with analytics or advance analytics skills

Western New England University’s program is designed to give you a solid foundation in core business function combined with deeper understanding and experience with analytics applications and tools. This study will make you marketable in jobs such as Marketing Analytics, Sports Analytics, Finance Analytics, and Human Resource Analytics, to name a few. Western New England's Business Analytics and Information Management program is designed to meet best-practice industry standards.

In our program, you will take a common core of business classes, which include:

  • Accounting
  • Marketing
  • Finance
  • Management

In addition, you will take the following topics:

  • Business statistics
  • Business Analytics theory and practice
  • Applied data mining
  • Multivariate and Big Data analysis

The program has flexibility, which allows students to do a minor in related areas. By completing SAP versions of three required courses, all majors can earn a certificate in SAP which is jointly issued by the SAP University Alliance and Western New England University. To broaden the knowledge of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems, students can opt for a minor in ERP. The coursework for ERP minor builds on the SAP certificate and all additional requirements can be completed within the elective courses available in the major.

Our recent experience shows that SAP certification or an ERP minor makes our students more competitive in the job market.

For details about courses and requirements, please consult the Catalogue:

Software and Tools

Western New England University’s courses are taught from practitioner’s view of the business world. In almost all courses you will have the opportunity to gain hands-on experience with industry standard analytics software from vendors such as SAP, Microsoft, Oracle, SAS and IBM. 


Our faculty will bring their experience from the business world to you in the classroom. Faculty members have:

  • External business consulting experience at local and regional levels
  • Experience as Technology advisors to local educational institutions
  • Active membership in Professional organizations
  • Extensive training with business software applications

Analytics certifications and post-graduation opportunities

Our program was designed in consultations with SAS Global Academic Program. Upon completion, you will also receive SAS joint certificate in Analytics. The SAS joint certification is offered jointly by SAS and Western New England University.

In addition, with the program course work you will also receive SAP certification based on your hands-on work with SAP ERP and SAP BW/BI. The SAP certification is jointly offered by SAP University Alliance and Western New England University. 

With a strong foundational knowledge in analytics you can pursue other advanced certifications offered by SAS or INFORMS or CBIP certification offered by TDWI, to name a few.

Five-year Bachelor/MBA Degree

Today, more than ever, you will need an advanced degree to compete in our highly competitive global economy. The Western New England University Five-year Bachelor/MBA gives students a marked advantage in the job market, while saving on tuition costs.

Internships, Research, and Special Opportunities

Internships and hands-on applications are essential elements of the Business Anayltics and information Managment major. We have a close working relationship with the campus offices of Human Resources and the Career Development Center and with local business and industry. Each intern is assigned a faculty advisor. Interns from our Department have worked in information technology and software areas with companies such as MassMutual Financial Group, General Electric, Mass Export, the Massachusetts State Police, Country Bank, Primerica of CitiGroup, and Enherent.

Business Analytics and Information Management students have the opportunity to participate in:

as well as varsity and intramural sports, special interest groups, and student government.


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Fields: All fields from retail to entertainment, from marketing to medicine need business analytics professionals. Careers can range from business analytics, business intelligence and data analytics software, ERP analysts, to business continuity planning, accounting, finance, marketing and HR analytics. 

Outlook: The Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts a bright outlook and faster than average growth for occupations in Business Analytics and Information Management. More companies are finding that using analytics will give them a competitive advantage in their respective industries. According to onetonline.org, the field is more in demand than ever. The marketing analytics field is expected to grow by 29 percent between now and 2020, market research analytics by 29 percent, and business analytics by 19 percent. Health analytics and web analytics are also growing, as the need for modern technology increases.

Opportunities: Business Analytics and Information Management Majors have the opportunity of exploring both business and technology-oriented jobs. Get more detailed information about career opportunities.

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