Campus Housing for Five-year Bachelor/MBA or MSA, Pharmacy, and Law Students 

Western New England University is pleased to offer campus housing for post-baccalaureate students in the Gateway Village apartment complex. The capacity of an apartment varies from one to three residents. In living space with more than one occupant, each resident has a private bedroom.    

Occupancy may be for a 10-month (academic year), 11-month or 12-month timeframe. Assignment to College housing typically begins in early August and is a binding commitment for the established time frame. There are no prorated charges or refunds once the period of occupancy begins. The cost of utilities (heat, hot water, and electricity) and local telephone service is included with the applicable residency fee. Students who renew occupancy for the upcoming academic year and do not need housing for the summer may keep their belongings in the apartment at no additional charge.

Since MBA and MSA classes begin prior to August; residency is available in the Evergreen Village townhouses, at a weekly rate of $95.00, until relocation to housing in the Gateway Village apartment complex.

The apartment complex is within walking distance of all campus facilities, including the School of Law and College of Pharmacy, as well as a shopping plaza with stores that may serve a variety of needs. Additional shopping and services are readily available within approximately one mile of the campus.   

Each apartment is furnished by the University and has a kitchen with a range, sink, refrigerator, and storage cabinets. Furnishings vary according to the size of the accommodations and number of occupants and typically include the following items: upholstered chair(s) and/or couch, a coffee table and end table(s), lamps, twin bed, night stand, bureau, bookcase, desk and desk chair, kitchen table and chairs. Residents must bring their own dishware, cooking utensils, cleaning supplies, etc. Each apartment is wired for cable television access, Ethernet connection, and landline telephone voice mail. Long distance calls on the landline telephone are billed to each resident by the telephone company.   

Maintenance is provided by the department of Facilities Management through an online work order system. However, daily upkeep of the living space is the full responsibility of the student(s) residing there. Each resident will be assigned a campus box number as their mailing address. Mail boxes are located in the St. Germain Campus Center. On campus dining is available through a variety of voluntary meal plan options or ‘pay-as-you-go’ as well as a debit card arrangement on the student ID card.
Public Safety officers routinely patrol the campus by cruiser, on foot, and by bicycle and there is a system of closed circuit televisions and emergency phones throughout the campus. 

Each apartment is filled to the designated capacity. If two or more individuals wish to reside in the same apartment, each person must submit his/her own application, providing the name(s) of the preferred roommate(s).   

The residency charge (a per semester billing format) is applied to the student’s account with the University. With the exception of the housing verification payment, which is submitted to the Residence Life office, all other payments are provided to Student Administrative Services.

The Western New England University Post-Baccalaureate Student Housing Agreement provides detailed information on the provisions and expectations for residents. Please read it carefully prior to submitting an application.

Gateway Village Apartments

Situated directly across from the main campus on Wilbraham Road, Gateway Village is a complex of 170 single story apartments owned and operated by Western New England University. For the 2011-2012 academic year, up to 50 apartments are designated as accommodations for post-baccalaureate students. These apartments are clusters of contiguous units in a section of the complex. The balance of Gateway Village accommodates undergraduate students. 

Gateway Village also includes on-site parking and a laundry facility with washers and driers without charge for use. Vehicular traffic to and from the complex is monitored by a security gate that is activated by a student’s ID card.

An efficiency or one bedroom apartment may accommodate a married couple or domestic partners. Apartments with multiple bedrooms are intended for students of the same gender.  College housing is unable to accommodate children or other family members.

For reference, the variety of apartment residential fees is anticipated to be as follows.  (The rates are subject to final approval.)  Please divide the cost in half to determine the per semester charge.

Apartment Type




Efficiency - single occupancy




one bedroom - single occupancy




two bedroom - 2 occupants




three bedroom - 3 occupants




Learn more about Gateway Village Apartments

To Apply for Housing

CURRENT RESIDENTS:  In March, current residents will be given the opportunity to re-apply for campus residency in Gateway Village.  Revisit this website to download the residency agreement and residency application. 

NEW RESIDENTS:  In April, students who wish to apply for campus residency in Gateway Village will have the opportunity to do so.  Revisit this website to download the residency agreement and residency application.

Completed applications must be accompanied a $500 housing verification payment and submitted to the Office of Residence Life.  The mailing address appears on the application form.

For questions or further information, contact the Office of Residence Life 413-782-1317 or via email at