Coffee 2 Go

Introduction to Fact Pattern for Small Business Financial Literacy Series:

Joseph (“Joe”) Cuppalino and Charlotte (“Lottie”) Macchiato share a deep love of coffee.  They both grew up in Rhode Island where “coffee milk” is one of the State’s official beverages and is available in school lunch programs.  Coffee is also the most popular flavor of ice cream in the state.  The Providence metro area has the highest ratio of coffee shops per capita of any city in the United States (25.3 per 100,000 population).  You get the picture.   

By coincidence, they both attended college in western Massachusetts and met, appropriately, at Raos’ Coffee Shop in Amherst, where they both worked.  They became good friends during those years of working as baristas.  After finishing college they travelled around the world together on various social impact projects, sampling coffee in every country they visited.  Upon returning to the United States five years ago, they both settled in the Pioneer Valley and started working for Starbucks, where they became managers of busy stores – Joe of the Longmeadow store and Lottie of the Springfield location. 

Over a cup of espresso about a year ago, they both expressed a desire to pursue a dream they had discussed many times over the years – to start a truly distinctive coffee business catering to commuters.  Since then they have been systematically putting everything in place to realize their dreams: a plausible business plan, a network of suppliers, an appealing menu, start-up capital from their own personal savings and from “family and friend” investors, and a name they really like: Coffee2Go (C2G).

The packet of materials that follows is the draft business plan for C2G.  It will form the basis of the discussions throughout the series of Financial Literacy for Small Business programs that we will present during our year-long examination of Joe and Lottie’s business development process.  These materials roughly approximate what a business plan for this venture might look like.  Throughout the year, however, it may turn out that some of the plans laid out in these materials might not work or need to be adjusted, but that’s how plans work.

You can download a copy of Joe and Lottie's business plan for Coffee2Go by clicking here.