Mission Statement

The Center for Innovation & Entrepreneurship at Western New England University (the Center) promotes innovation and entrepreneurial initiatives across campus and in the community. The Center’s Mission is informed by the Core Values in Western New England University’s Mission Statement, specifically, the importance of excellence in teaching, research, and scholarship; a focus on student-centered learning; a commitment to the community; the cultivation of a pluralistic society by providing services to low-and-moderate income businesses; the development of a truly innovative integrated liberal and professional educational experience; and the commitment to academic, professional, and community service.

The Center also advances the University’s Strategic Plan by following several of the Strategic Directions, namely, DIRECTION ONE: Focusing on the development of the whole student; DIRECTION TWO: Elevating academic excellence by synthesizing liberal and professional learning opportunities; DIRECTION THREE: Reaching across campus and across disciplines to build on our strength as a comprehensive institution; DIRECTION FIVE: Developing our vision of diversity and pluralism by reaching out to the community and serving low-income entrepreneurs, many of whom are women and/or people of color; and DIRECTION SEVEN: Engaging in integrated collaborative partnerships and alliances within the campus as well as beyond the campus. With that background in mind, the Center will:

  • Vigorously encourage a culture of entrepreneurship on campus by developing academic programs and teaching methods, providing scholarships and grants, offering support for students, faculty and staff, and fostering partnerships with local and global organizations.

  • Teach students to deliver legal, business, professional, technical, and engineering advice to, and to develop product, process and service solutions for, small businesses and entrepreneurial start-ups.

  • Motivate students to think entrepreneurially by identifying entrepreneurial opportunities, the creation and development of product/process/service solutions to exploit those opportunities, the application for intellectual property rights, the seeking of financial funding, and the establishment of a viable business structure and plan.  

  • Assist small businesses and entrepreneurial start-ups with limited resources to establish themselves on a sound basis by providing them with professional services and informational and educational resources.

  • Develop a pool of clients that grow beyond the idea and start-up stages to become successful and contributing members of the community and thereby become clients of the existing professional firms and business consultants in the community.