Welcome to the College of Engineering

Engineers are responsible for designing the majority of things we use every day in our modern world, from the energy systems that brighten our homes at night, warm us in winter, and cool us in summer, to the internal combustion engines that got us to and from school and work today and the renewable energy sources that will get us there tomorrow. Engineers create life-saving medical technologies, sophisticated communication devices, gargantuan mass transit systems, and mesmerizing entertainment gadgets. They find ways to clean the environment, do more with less, help those in need, and defend our nation. They are builders, planners, healers, designers, and optimizers. Many are Western New England University alumni.

Western New England University has been educating engineers for nearly 50 years. Our professors know how to teach you to be successful in your career and our small class size gives you the personal attention often missing from other institutions. The College of Engineering prides itself on hands-on instruction that puts you in real-world situations; we educate you to think like an engineer and prepare you to face the challenges and responsibilities that await you in your highly rewarding career.

From the First Year Program to your Senior Design Project—and with the guidance of our strong alumni community—you will grow into an engineer equipped with the knowledge, skills, and confidence to accomplish any challenge placed before of you. So explore our site, read more about our exciting programs, and take the first step on the adventure of a lifetime.

Biomedical, Electrical, Industrial and Mechanical Engineering undergraduate programs are accredited by the EAC Commission of ABET, www.abet.org.

The Civil Engineering and Computer Engineering undergraduate degree programs are following the application process for accreditation as outlined by ABET, Inc.

Dean's Welcome


"The Western New England University College of Engineering is dedicated to giving you a premier education that will stimulate your ingenuity, inspire your imagination, and make you a productive contributor to the field of engineering. No matter which major you choose to study, our dedicated faculty and hands-on design projects will prepare you to improve people’s lives through the power of engineering."

Dr. S. Hossein Cheraghi
Dean, College of Engineering




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