1987 Senior Design Projects

Student  Name Title
Selin Absi Movement Analysis of Prosthesis 
Vincent J. Amuso  Magnetic Field Shielding 
Mark T. Ankiewicz  Peripheral Interfaces to Color Com. 
Katensh Alavi  An Adapter of Multi Switches for Fuel 
David L. Arlen  Microwave Sensing of Foods 
Constantine Arvanites  Assembler for the 8085 
Vincent D. Baluch  Graphics Software for 3D Images 
Thomas R. Barbeau  High Voltage Gating Circuit  
Rosemary A. Barber  Replacement of Methylenechloride Boning 
Cindy L. Billiel  Thermal Effects of Transistors 
Barry A. Blakely  Optical DC-DC Converter 
James M. Boguslawski  Thermal Characteristics of Torrodal 
David C. Brakenwagen  Contact Resistance 
Susan M. Bratge  Cancer Detection by Electronics 
Richard M. Brighenti  Analog Filter Using LP Approximation 
Lambros Chatzigoulas  Microprocessor Controlled Lock 
James E. Deacon  Low Voltage Regulation 
Robert L. Dumaine  Sonar Distance Detector 
Frank E. Dyer  Design of Impendance Detector 
Islam El-Khalayleh  >Morse Code Device for Handicap 
Patricia Falvo  Stress Corrosion Res. Criteria for AL-FE-MO 
Gebran S. Farah  Computer Circuit Testing 
Daniele Frare  Electrical Properties of Composites 
Robert A. Frederick  NIIR Digital Filter 
Mary E. Froats  Pulse Code Modulation System 
David M. Giglio  Tracking Solar Reflector 
Thomas M. Gill  On Demand Hot Water Heater 
Walid M. Harb  Microprogrammed Digital Lock 
Susan L. Hay  Two Way Filter 
Michael J. Hiney  Networking TRS-80 Colar Computers 
Garrett House  Remote Prosthetic Limb Adjustment Device 
>Jeffrey B. Jakuba  Design of Analog Drum 
Indrajaya P. Januar  Root Locus Analysis Techniques 
John J. Krouzil  Universal Filters Using GIC 
Vincent D. Lapaglia  Speech Storage 
Timothy M. Laporte  Voltage Regulation 
Peter J. Lekouses  Cost Tracking Program 
David S. Leonard  Network Analyzer 
Lykourgas Manoussakis  Computer Solution for Engine Valves 
Gary J. Maziarz  Hot Water Heater 
Michael B. McCaffrey  68,000 Based Single Board Computer 
Anthony L. Miele  Music Synthesis 
Hale E. Mowafy  Modeling High Frequency Transformer 
Olga Mubarak Callogen Seperation by Affinity Chromatography and Electraphoresis
Richard S. Nichols  High Power High Frequency Amplifier 
Bhekie Ntshancase  Morse Code Device for Handicap 
Lawrence Pontbriant  Computerized Cash Register 
Edward A. Ranuska  Solar Cell/Flywheel Storage 
Paul E. Reimers  File Transfers Form Amiga 
Paula M. Rivard  Optical Phase Conjugation 
Juan R. Rivera  Video Readback Synthesis Module 
Noemi S. Rivera  The Use of (PVF2) in Foot Pressure 
Raymond E. Safford Control Electronics for Solar Fly 
Denora Sarin  Differential Protection for Power Wheel Line 
John P. Scott  Infrared Range Detector 
David R. Smith  Microprocessor-Based Music System
Michael St. Martin  Comparison of ILL to Phase Locked Loop 
Peter J. Torney  Darlington Synthesis 
Nadir J. Uodin  High Frequency Oscillator 
Nicholas Volkringer  Computer Vision in 2-D 
Brian K. Wells  High Resolution Hard Copy Routine 
Peter T. Werenski  Computertizing a Milling Machine 
Mark P. Willett  Voice I/O for Amiga Computer 
Thomas A. Wrinkle  Computer Control of Solar Reflec 
George Dialectakis  Designing Display Systems Using Dual-Port 
Mark Goden  Electronic Bicycle Transmission 
Eugene Peterman  Ultrasonic Ranging System