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Sophomore Year Experience

The Sophomore Year Experience is dedicated to assisting students through the transition from the freshman to sophomore years by supporting academic success, promoting major and career exploration, and encouraging campus and community connectedness through specific programming and events. 

For more information or to get involved with creating a memorable Second Year Experience, contact John Raiola at john.raiola@wne.edu.

Sophomore Career Connections

The Sophomore Career Connections program is an excellent opportunity to gain first-hand experience in a professional field that interests you. Through this program, you will be paired with a member of the Alumni Association or a local business partner who is employed in the field that you have identified as one you would like to explore. This networking opportunity includes two shadowing events in addition to a series of workshops which will not only satisfy a Learning Beyond the Classroom requirement (LBCXXX) for you, but also provide you with an excellent opportunity to make a connection early and to solidify your career goals. Applications will be available in the fall. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact John Raiola at john.raiola@wne.edu.

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Sophomore Spotlight

Do you know a sophomore that we should spotlight? Let us know! Do they star on the field or in the classroom or even both? Do they help the Western New England University and Springfield community through service related projects? Are they under the radar and could use a shout out?

If you know a sophomore that should be spotlighted nominate them below!

Sophomore Spotlight Nomination Form

Sophomore Scoop!

Your sophomore year is an exciting time filled with opportunities and challenges. We want to offer assistance as you make important personal and academic decisions for your final two years at Western New England University. Check your email and our website for monthly electronic newsletters with upcoming events and deadlines.


Sophomore Scoop Issue 1 

Sophomore Events

The Sophomore Year Experience Events lists opportunities throughout the year to help make the most out of collegiate experience.

Calendar of Events