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Life Insurance Death Benefits

Gifts of Life Insurance Death Benefits: Getting Started
When you first bought a life insurance policy, you probably intended to protect the financial stability of your loved ones should something happen to you or your spouse. Have your circumstances changed since then? Read More >>

Is This Gift Right for You?
Use this checklist to see if changing the beneficiary of a life insurance policy is a good option for you. Read More >>

Case Study
Naming Western New England University as the beneficiary of your life insurance policy can accomplish more for less. Read More >>

But What About the Kids?
The strategic use of life insurance can replace the value of a donation to us that might otherwise be lost for your heirs. Read More >>

How to Complete Your Gift
Changing the beneficiary of your life insurance policy is as simple as filling out a form. Read More >>

Action Items
Now that you know the possibilities, it's time to move forward with the plan that works best for you. Read More >>

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