The Cupola Society

cupolapingifWestern New England University invites you to become a member of the Cupola Society, a special recognition for donors who have named the University as beneficiaries in their wills, trusts, or life insurance, or who have made other forms of planned gifts such as charitable gift annuities or real estate. The University is moving into the 21st century with noted academic and financial strength, and a firm commitment to being a leader in providing integrated professional and liberal learning. A key to our continued success is support from our alumni, faculty, and friends through planned gifts.

Planned gifts are an increasingly important source of Western New England University's success. Gifts may be designated for scholarships; for each of the individual Colleges of the University or the School of Law; or for our many academic or athletic programs. You can also give to the University in general through an unrestricted gift. By making a planned gift, you will help ensure that Western New England University will have the financial resources to provide high-quality education for many years to come. These types of gifts can also lessen your tax burden and in certain cases pay you income for life.

Members of the Cupola Society receive Vision for the Future, the free quarterly newsletter featuring estate planning and philanthropic concepts. Society members are invited to special yearly recognition events with the University president, and their names are printed in our Annual Report of Giving and other publications (if so desired), both in recognition of their generosity and to help inspire other donors.

If you have made arrangements for a planned gift, with your permission we would like to include you among the ranks of this special group of supporters. You can fill out the form below and send it to us.

If you would like more information about making a planned gift to Western New England University, or to learn more about how such a gift could benefit both you and this institution, please feel welcome to contact us.

If you are interested in being a member, download this form and mail it in.


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