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Who will be examining and treating me when I am sick?

The health care providers are board certified nurse practitioners, physician assistants, or physicians.

What can each health care provider do for me?

  • Prescribe medication
  • Perform a physical examination, make diagnosis, and implement a treatment plan
  • Order blood testing, X-rays, MRI, CT scans etc.
  • Interpret diagnostic testing results
  • Counsel on health maintenance and illness prevention
  • Refer for specialty care

I am sick but only take one class, commute, and don’t have the school health insurance. Can I still be seen?

Yes. We will see any student as long as they are registered for classes.

What is the charge for being seen in Health Services?

There is no charge either directly to the patient or their health insurance for services rendered by any health care provider in Health Services. Students will be charged for laboratory work, prescriptions, x-rays, and specialists.

I need monthly blood tests. Can I have that done here?

Yes. We draw blood here at Health Services and send it out daily to Baystate Reference Laboratory and usually receive results in 24-48 hours. At your request we can then fax or mail them to your health care provider.

Can you prescribe medicine that I take at home?

Yes. All providers in Health Services have full prescriptive authority.

If I become ill at night can I go to Health Services?

No. Health Services is open weekdays but does provide on-call services during the hours when HS is closed.

Can I get stitches if I cut myself?

Yes. We are all trained in suturing and keep the necessary equipment in Health Services to suture most lacerations. We also perform a variety of small surgical procedures.

Does Health Services provide any methods of birth control like pills or condoms?

Yes, one brand of birth control is available. We have Loloestrin FE for $10/pack. Condoms are available in our reception area free of charge. We can also prescribe Depo-Provera, NuvaRing, or other birth control pills.

Does Health Services provide the "Morning After Pill"?

Yes. Plan B is availabe for $25 after speaking with a provider. We suggest that you visit with us and we can discuss different forms of birth control available, answer any questions you might have to assist you with a method.

I pay $25 for my pills. Can I change to the brand in Health Services?

Yes. Birth control pills are, for most women, interchangeable.

Is it necessary to get a PAP test or pelvic examination to receive a birth control pill?

No, women should not receive a PAP prior to 21 years of age. Birth control pills can be prescribed after a medical history is taken along with a blood pressure check.

Can I get my yearly pelvic examination and “Pap” test in Health Services?

Yes. Pelvic examination, a Pap test (to detect cancer or pre-cancer of the cervix) and sexually transmitted disease testing (if indicated) are all provided but you must make an appointment for this service.