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Provider On-Call

How do I contact the on-call health care provider?  Call the Health Services phone number at 413-782-1211

*For life threatening emergencies, call campus police at 413-782-1411*

Western New England University Health Services (HS) recognizes that illness and injuries are not always confined to weekday, daytime hours. For those urgent situations that occur when HS is not open, an on-call provider is available during the academic year beginning August 30th.

***** On-Call services will not be available during the winter, spring and summer breaks.*****

How is the on-call service set up?
One of our own health care providers will be on-call and will carry a pager at all times that HS is closed.
When you call after hours an answering service will take your message and contact the provider on-call.
The health care provider will return your call within 15 minutes. If you do not receive a return call within 15 minutes please call HS again.

What information will the on-call provider give me?
You will be given advice regarding your medical concern. You may be asked to be seen in HS the next available day that HS is open or sent to a local medical facility.
On-call is not meant to replace being examined by a provider. We will be able to assist you in making the best medical care choices. You will be asked several health history questions so be prepared.

When should I use the on-call service?
The provider on-call should be used for urgent health concerns that cannot wait until Health Services reopens. Some examples: severe abdominal pain, high fever (>101), a serious injury and any other urgent symptoms for which you are concerned.

When should I Not use the on-call service?
Do not call for unchanged, persistent, or chronic conditions.
Do not call for administrative questions including insurance, health forms, or prescription refills.
These calls should take place during regular business hours.

Who can use the on-call service?
The provider on-call is only for students and employees. We are not able to give advice to friends, relatives or graduates. Also, we will not discuss your medical condition with family or friends without your permission. In urgent cases, you may make a call for a friend,  but we will need to speak directly to the patient at some point.