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Open Student Employment Positions

Interviewer (Job ID: 1858)

Department: Western New England University Polling Institute | Supervisor: Tim Vercellotti
Start Date: 10/1/2017

Job Description: Conduct telephone surveys for the Western New England University Polling Institute in Churchill 303. Work-study students are welcome, but students do not need to have work-study funding for this position. In addition to being paid for this work, students can use their hours to fulfill one of their Learning Beyond the Classroom requirements.

Qualifications: Personable, enthusiastic, dependable, excellent command of spoken and written English. Students must complete the I-9 form in the Human Resources Office in Rivers Memorial before they can start work. They must bring either (1) a passport; or (2) a combination of photo identification and either a certified copy of their birth certificate or a Social Security card to complete the I-9 form. International students will need to apply for a Social Security card, and the University can help with that process.

Student Patrol (Job ID: 2010)

Department: Public Safety | Supervisor: Jesse Lee and Jason Keaveney
Start Date: 8/11/2017

Job Description: STUDENT PATROLTo be assigned as a team with one other Patroller to conduct foot and bike patrols in all areas of the University, as well as University property located on Valley Road and Bellamy Road. The times of assignment are on weekdays, weeknights, and weekends in varying types of weather. A Student Patroller is responsible for the protection of all persons on University property, their personal property as well as University property and / or property associated with the University. They are to be observant for any and all situations that occur on University property that need to be reported to University Police.

Qualifications: Must be capable of submitting clear and concise reports concerning all incidents occurring while on duty.Must possess good verbal communications skills.Must be capable of typing a brief summary of patrol events into the daily log. Must be thoroughly familiar with all other responsibilities and limitations.Must have and maintain a minimum 2.5 G.P.A.

Student Security Assistant (Job ID: 2654)

Department: Public Safety | Supervisor: Jesse Lee and Jason Keaveney
Start Date: 8/25/2017

Job Description: STUDENT SECURITYWork under the direction of one or more security Supervisors to ensure that a safe environment is maintained at the Alumni Healthful Living Center. The student assigned to this position will be responsible for conducting security and access control procedures, observing and reporting any instances of suspicious activity, intrusion, vandalism, or maintenance problems to their immediate supervisor. They will be responsible for conducting thorough building inspections at both locations. They will further be assigned to provide security at a variety of special events.

Qualifications: Must be a person of high moral standards, neat, personable, articulate, and be capable of maintaining his/her composure under stressful situations.Must possess strong verbal communications skills.Must have and maintain a minimum 2.5. G.P.A.

Receptionist (Job ID: 2681)

Department: Health Services | Supervisor: Kathy Reid
Start Date: 8/28/2017

Job Description: Employee will assist the Office Manager and healthcare providers as needed in the daily operation of the Health Services office. Good telephone etiquette and knowledge of office equipment is necessary. Ability to work well with minimal supervision. Outgoing personality and friendly demeanor a MUST.

Circulation Desk Assistant (Job ID: 2705)

Supervisor: Nicole Belbin
Start Date: 8/21/2017

Job Description: The Law Library is seeking several students to work various shifts at the circulation desk. Primary duties include, but are not limited to: staffing the circulation desk, handling circulation transactions, familiarity with circulation and reserve policies, re-shelving library material, registering new patrons, collecting fines, filing loose-leaf releases, answering basic directional questions, perform shelf reading, and handling short-term projects,

Qualifications: Candidates must be detail oriented, self motivated, willing to accept an array of assignments, and provide positive customer service to a variety of patrons.

Lab Assistant (Job ID: 5566)

Department: Physical and Biological Sciences | Supervisor: Alexander Wurm
Start Date: 8/28/2017

Job Description: Assist lab instructor during lab and in preparing and cleaning up laboratories

Qualifications: Science or engineering major, must have taken course previously at WNE.

Science Center Tutor (Job ID: 5567)

Department: Physical & Biological Sciences | Supervisor: Alexander Wurm
Start Date: 8/28/2017

Job Description: Tutor students in science courses

Qualifications: Must have completed courses previously at WNE for which tutoring is done.

Lab Grader (Job ID: 5568)

Department: Physical and Biological Sciences | Supervisor: Alexander Wurm
Start Date: 8/28/2017

Job Description: Work with lab instructor in correcting laboratory reports.

Qualifications: Must have completed course previously for which grading is done.

Media Services technician (Job ID: 5665)

Department: Office of Information Technology | Supervisor: Bill Arnold
Start Date: 8/20/2017

Job Description: Assist Media Services staff in providing technical support and services for various events and other audio/video related requests. This includes but is not limited to, telephone support, onsite problem solving and troubleshooting, hardware/software setup, work order system logging/updates, record keeping and various other clerical and maintenance tasks.1.Setup requested A/V equipment for various events and monitor events, troubleshooting issues that may arise.2.Assist faculty / staff / students with A/V technology related problems and facilitating solutions.3.Actively utilize, update and monitor the work order system.4.Answer telephone calls in a professional manner and assist with troubleshooting tactics.5.Diagnose and resolve various A/V issues during events and/or in the classrooms.

Qualifications: Technically oriented, customer focused individual with a strong knowledge of audio/video equipment, desktop/laptop computers, most common desktop operating systems, desktop software and network interfaces.1.Working knowledge of most common operating systems, Internet applications, Microsoft Office products, other mainstream software applications.2.Proficient with use and configuration of presentation technology (LCD projectors, A/V players,/recorders, laptop/desktop computers, etc.). 3.Must possess the ability to communicate effectively both orally and in writing, with students, faculty, and staff of diverse backgrounds.4.Highly customer focused.5.Self motivated.6.Ability to work independently with little or no supervision.7.Ability to work in stressful conditions, such as troubleshooting presentation issues in front of a class or audience.

America Reads Tutor (Job ID: 6387)

Supervisor: Emma Seils
Start Date: 8/28/2017

Job Description: America Reads tutors work in the Springfield Public Schools or after-school programs as one-on-one and small-group tutors with K-12 students. Most placements are during school hours. All tutors receive support from the Center for Civic Engagement and teachers/staff at their placement. America Reads tutors are required to attend a reflection session every other week to discuss their work and issues surrounding education.

Qualifications: Tutors must pass a CORI background check and be in good disciplinary and academic standing.Experience tutoring is not required.

Peer Tutor (Job ID: 6388)

Supervisor: Sophia Rios
Start Date: 8/29/2016

Job Description: Peer Tutoring on a one-on-one basis or in a group/drop-in setting.Position Duties and Tasks:1.Participate in training program at the start of the fall semester.2.Reply to documented tutoring requests received through the Academic Support Specialist.3.Define through discussion with student(s) the specific nature of learning assistance required.4.Establish mutually agreed upon learning goals to be achieved and construct a written statement based upon these goals.5.File copy of the learning agreement with the Academic Support Specialist acknowledging the acceptance of the tutoring referral. 6.Set the structure and terms of the tutoring relationship within prescribed guidelines established by the Academic Support Specialist. 7.Develop a lesson plan for each scheduled tutoring session; turn in to the Academic Support Specialist with timesheets. 8.Research and identify specific supplementary learning materials related to subject matter being tutored and provide student being tutored with copies. 9.Reserve any physical facilities necessary for conducting scheduled tutoring sessions. 10.Evaluate student progress in tutorial relationship and provide students with assessment of progress. 11.Identify and encourage utilization of active learning techniques toward the mastering of subject matter. 12.Guide students in self-discovery of problem solving strategies.13.Construct and administer periodic tutorial quizzes designed to assess student mastery of tutorial subject matter.14.Maintain familiarity with designated course objectives and faculty member expectations of courses being tutored. 15.Attend scheduled training sessions designed to promote tutoring effectiveness and understanding.16.Meet with the Academic Support Specialist to discuss each student’s progress.17.Record appropriate documentation of tutoring services provided and submits such record to the Academic Support Specialist.18.Meet as necessary with the Academic Support Specialist to discuss personal issues arising from tutorial relationships.Marginal Job Functions:1.Initiate contact with student(s) referred through the Academic Support Specialist.2.Contact the designated faculty instructor of the course being tutored and advise of tutoring assignment.

Qualifications: Applicants must have taken the course they are requesting to tutor at Western New England University and passed the course with a B+ or better

Teaching Assistant (Job ID: 7221)

Department: Psychology | Supervisor: Administrative Assistant in Psychology and Chair of Psychology
Start Date: 8/21/2017

Job Description: -Task-Oriented support for supervisor and Psychology/Neuroscience faculty.-Tutoring Students as needed with Psychology courses studies.-Assist faculty with research and data collection/entry as needed.

Qualifications: Psychology Major

Academic Progress Monitor (Job ID: 8015)

Supervisor: Sophia Rios
Start Date: 8/29/2016

Job Description: Essential Job Functions:•Participate in training program at the start of the semester•Monitor the academic progress of an assigned caseload of students for the semester.•Create action plans in the form of an academic success contract in order to assist students in defining academic goals.•Meet weekly or biweekly with each assigned student to assess and monitor progress toward defined learning objectives.•Assist students in the development of course relevant study skills, time management strategies, and other academic success skill. •Maintain a relationship with faculty and stuff in order to solicit information on student progress. •Serve as a referral agent to relevant academic and personal support services.•Create and maintain a file on all students monitored in order to provide a final recommendation of student progress at the close of the semester to the Academic Standards Committee.

Qualifications: •Enrolled in Full Time undergraduate course of study with completion of 67+ credits•Preferred GPA 3.3•Minimum GPA 2.8

Phonathon Student Caller (Job ID: 10946)

Department: Advancement | Supervisor: Diane Swanson
Start Date: 9/4/2017

Job Description: Phonathon callers contact alumni, parents, and friends of Western New England University to update our contact information, share Western New England University news and current events, and solicit contributions. Working at phonathon will enhance critical and practical skills that will serve you for a lifetime, in fieldssuch as:•communications•public relations•customer service•non-profit•marketing•sales•finance

Qualifications: •Enthusiasm for WNEU and its mission.•Effectiveness and genuine warmth in contacts with others.•Strong verbal communication skills.•Speak clear and fluent English.•Comfort in soliciting gifts from alumni and friends.•Persistent in securing a pledge and negotiating the gift amount.•Strong character and a positive attitude.•Ability to work harmoniously with managers and as a team with other callers.•Organizational abilities and attentiveness to details.•Able to work two shifts per week. See working hours below.

CS & IT Student Administrative Assistant (Job ID: 11116)

Supervisor: Jackson
Start Date: 8/28/2017

Job Description: Primary Purpose:To assist the Chair and Faculty in the day-to-day operations of the Department of Computer Science and Information Technology.Distinguishing Characteristics: The successful candidate will be reliable and organized, can maintain confidentiality, can adapt to changing requirements, and can communicate effectively.DESCRIPTION OF DUTIES AND TASKS:Essential Job Functions:1)Regularly meet with the Chair to coordinate departmental efforts.2)Assist in making arrangements for and advertising departmental events.3)Perform assigned tasks that help the department in organizing and analyzing potentially confidential data, and maintain the appearance and usefulness of its labs and systems.Marginal Job Functions:1)Generate memos, emails and reports when appropriate2)Maintain office supplies by checking inventory and order itemsREQUIRED KNOWLEDGE, SKILL AND ABILITIES:1)Basic computer and application skills.2)Good time management, organization, and communication skills.

Qualifications: A student in good academic standing.

Teaching Assistant (Job ID: 11138)

Department: Criminal Justice and Sociology | Supervisor: Dr. Laura L Hansen
Start Date: 9/11/2017

Job Description: The position calls for grading of undergraduate student work from a number of criminal justice and sociology courses, including CJ/SO 300. When there are fewer assignments to grade, the teaching assistant may be asked to assist with research that Dr. Hansen is currently working on, including coding and literature review searches. The teaching assistant will be required to sign a confidentiality agreement with the Office of the Dean of Arts and Sciences before grading student work.

Qualifications: A qualified applicant should have completed CJ/SO 300, Applied Analytical Methods, with a grade of no less than B. Good organizational skills are desirable and ability to work with Microsoft Excel spreadsheets.