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Open Student Employment Positions

Peer Tutor (Job ID: 6388)

Supervisor: Sophia Rios
Start Date: 8/29/2016

Job Description: Peer Tutoring on a one-on-one basis or in a group/drop-in setting.Position Duties and Tasks:1.Participate in training program at the start of the fall semester.2.Reply to documented tutoring requests received through the Academic Support Specialist.3.Define through discussion with student(s) the specific nature of learning assistance required.4.Establish mutually agreed upon learning goals to be achieved and construct a written statement based upon these goals.5.File copy of the learning agreement with the Academic Support Specialist acknowledging the acceptance of the tutoring referral. 6.Set the structure and terms of the tutoring relationship within prescribed guidelines established by the Academic Support Specialist. 7.Develop a lesson plan for each scheduled tutoring session; turn in to the Academic Support Specialist with timesheets. 8.Research and identify specific supplementary learning materials related to subject matter being tutored and provide student being tutored with copies. 9.Reserve any physical facilities necessary for conducting scheduled tutoring sessions. 10.Evaluate student progress in tutorial relationship and provide students with assessment of progress. 11.Identify and encourage utilization of active learning techniques toward the mastering of subject matter. 12.Guide students in self-discovery of problem solving strategies.13.Construct and administer periodic tutorial quizzes designed to assess student mastery of tutorial subject matter.14.Maintain familiarity with designated course objectives and faculty member expectations of courses being tutored. 15.Attend scheduled training sessions designed to promote tutoring effectiveness and understanding.16.Meet with the Academic Support Specialist to discuss each student’s progress.17.Record appropriate documentation of tutoring services provided and submits such record to the Academic Support Specialist.18.Meet as necessary with the Academic Support Specialist to discuss personal issues arising from tutorial relationships.Marginal Job Functions:1.Initiate contact with student(s) referred through the Academic Support Specialist.2.Contact the designated faculty instructor of the course being tutored and advise of tutoring assignment.

Qualifications: Applicants must have taken the course they are requesting to tutor at Western New England University and passed the course with a B+ or better

Teaching Assistant (Job ID: 7221)

Department: Psychology | Supervisor: Administrative Assistant in Psychology and Chair of Psychology
Start Date: 8/21/2017

Job Description: -Task-Oriented support for supervisor and Psychology/Neuroscience faculty.-Tutoring Students as needed with Psychology courses studies.-Assist faculty with research and data collection/entry as needed.

Qualifications: Psychology Major

Academic Progress Monitor (Job ID: 8015)

Supervisor: Sophia Rios
Start Date: 8/29/2016

Job Description: Essential Job Functions:•Participate in training program at the start of the semester•Monitor the academic progress of an assigned caseload of students for the semester.•Create action plans in the form of an academic success contract in order to assist students in defining academic goals.•Meet weekly or biweekly with each assigned student to assess and monitor progress toward defined learning objectives.•Assist students in the development of course relevant study skills, time management strategies, and other academic success skill. •Maintain a relationship with faculty and stuff in order to solicit information on student progress. •Serve as a referral agent to relevant academic and personal support services.•Create and maintain a file on all students monitored in order to provide a final recommendation of student progress at the close of the semester to the Academic Standards Committee.

Qualifications: •Enrolled in Full Time undergraduate course of study with completion of 67+ credits•Preferred GPA 3.3•Minimum GPA 2.8