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Faculty and Staff Recognition


Congratulations and thank you to each of these individuals for their service at the University.  Every one of us is proud to have these fine colleagues with us.  We are grateful to them as we all work together, each in our own unique way, to advance our University.

Recognized Anniversaries:

30 Years
Christopher V. Freitag - Assistant Director of Facilities Management, Facilities Management - christopher.freitag@wne.edu

20 Years
Paul H. Kennedy - Housekeeper, Housekeeping - paul.kennedy@wne.edu

5 Years
Paul G. Beauchemin - Commercial Kitchen Equipment Technician, Buildings - paul.beauchemin@wne.edu

Melissa P. Lambert - Student Activities Operations Manager, Student Activities - melissa.lambert@wne.edu

Colleen F. Trombley - Housekeeper, Housekeeping - colleen.trombley@wne.edu

Recognized Anniversaries:

10 Years

Professor John W. Drawec - Associate Professor of Physical and Biological Sciences/Director Forensic Sciences, Physical and Biological Sciences - john.drawec@wne.edu

Dr. Rachel H. Thompson - Professor of Psychology/Director of Masters Program in Applied Behavioral Analysis,  Psychology - rachel.thompson@wne.edu

5 Years

Mary V. Hiser - Visiting Instructor of Criminal Justice, Criminal Justice and Sociology - mary.hiser@wne.edu

Professor Winston Lewis - Visiting Instructor of Electrical Engineering,  Electrical and Computer Engineering -  winston.lewis@wne.edu

Nicholas A. Maslon - Service Desk Technician, Information Technology - nicholas.maslon@wne.edu

Sophia B. Rios - Assistant Director for Academic Support Initiatives, Freshmen and Transfer Students - sophia.rios@wne.edu

Michael S. Russell - Senior Associate Director of Transfer Admissions, Admissions - michael.russell@wne.edu

Dr. Kim Tanzer - Assistant Dean Experiential Affairs and Continuing Education Administrator, Experiential Affairs Pharmacy - kim.tanzer@wne.edu

Recognized Anniversaries:

15 Years

Margaret A. Guertin - Housekeeper, Housekeeping - margaret.guertin@wne.edu

5 Years

Lisa A. Gray - Coordinator of Administrative and Business Services, Information Technology - lisa.gray@wne.edu

Lisa Murray - Laboratory Supervisor, College of Engineering - lisa.murray@wne.edu

Recognized Anniversaries:

10 Years

Kevin Gaynor - Print Technician, Print Services - kg289359@wne.edu

Lindsay Roberts - Head of Access Services and Electronic Resources, D'Amour Library - lindsayroberts@wne.edu

5 Years

Myra Quick - Assistant Director of Human Resources and Manager of Employee Development - Human Resources - mq331686@wne.edu

Recognized Anniversaries:

30 Years

Gregory D. Vreeland - Groundskeeper/Technician, Grounds - gvreelan@wne.edu

20 Years

Dolores A. Goraj - Receptionist, Student Administrative Services - dgoraj@wne.edu

10 Years

Jody Levesque - Assistant to the Dean Arts and Sciences, College of Arts and Sciences - jlevesque@wne.edu

5 Years

Michele L. Mariani - Staff Assistant - Faculty, College of Business - mm330945@wne.edu

Recognized Anniversaries:

30 Years

Dr. Marc H. Dawson - Chair of History and Political Sciences and Professor of History, College of Arts and Sciences - mdawson@wne.edu

Dr. Kourosh J. Rahnamai - Professor of Electrical Engineering, College of Engineering - krahnama@wne.edu

25 Years

Dr. Paul J. Costanzo - Chair and Professor of Marketing, College of Business - pcostanz@wne.edu

Donna L. Utter - Secretary to the College of Arts and Sciences, College of Arts and Sciences - dutter@wne.edu

20 Years

Dr. Arthur S. Casimir - Professor of Economics, College of Arts and Sciences - scasimir@wne.edu

Dr. John M. Coulter - Associate Dean College of Business and Professor of Accounting, College of Business - jcoulter@wne.edu

Dr. William E. Grohe - Professor of English, College of Arts and Sciences - wgrohe@wne.edu

Dr. Lisa M. Hansen - Professor of Mathematics and Associate Coordinator of Assessment, College of Arts and Sciences - lhansen@wne.edu

Dr. Jean-Marie V. Higiro - Professor of Communications, College of Arts and Sciences - jhigiro@wne.edu

Dr. William S. Mandel - Professor of Political Science, College of Arts and Sciences - wmandel@wne.edu

15 Years

Dr. Douglas L. Battema - Chair and Professor of Communication, College of Arts and Sciences - dbattema@wne.edu

Dr. Tuncay Bayrak - Professor of Business Information Systems, College of Business - tbayrak@wne.edu

Charles F. Henderson - Print Technician, Print Services - chender3@wne.edu

Dr. Glenn E. Vallee - Associate Professor of Mechanical Engineering, College of Engineering - gvallee@wne.edu

Dr. Richard A. Wagner - Director of Institutional Research and Planning, Institutional Research & Planning - rwagner@wne.edu

5 Years

Mary Ellen Ellen Aronson - Physics/Psychology Laboratory Technician, College of Arts and Sciences -  ma086142@wne.edu

Yanaira E. Feliciano - Receptionist, Student Administrative Services - yf330585@wne.edu

Andrew J. Moore - Media Services Technology Support Assistant, Information Technology - am330683@wne.edu

Shannon D. Phillips - Accounts Receivable Representative, Bursar's Office - shannon.phillips@wne.edu

Robin L. Savitt-King - Executive Assistant to the President, President's Office - rs330651@wne.edu

Noel H. Skerry - Senior Financial Analyst, Controller's Office - ns330599@wne.edu


Recognized Anniversaries:

35 Years
Barbara J. Trombley - Day Shift Housekeeper, Housekeeping - btromble@wne.edu

30 Years
Ruby Hill - Housekeeper, Housekeeping - rh266545@wne.edu

Rose A. Turpin - Housekeeper, Housekeeping - rt266534@wne.edu

25 Years

Nan Salky - Counselor, Counseling Services - nsalky@wne.edu

20 Years

Lore A. Detenber - Coordinator of Alcohol and Drug Education Services, Counseling Services - ldetenbe@wne.edu

15 Years

Irene A. Burkhard - Public Services Assistant, Law School Library - iburkhard@law.wne.edu

Dr. Beth M. Simpson - Professor of Sociology, College of Arts & Sciences - bsimpson@wne.edu

10 Years

Prof. Matthew H. Charity - Professor of Law, Law School - mcharity@law.wne.edu

Dr. Robert  T.T. Gettens - Director Engineering Fundamentals and Associate Professor of Biomedical Engineering,  College of Engineering - rg289622@wne.edu

Prof. John P. Greeley - Professional Educator of Management, College of Business - jgreeley@wne.edu

Gina M. Lovotti - Director for University Events Planning, Campus Events - glovotti@wne.edu

Dr. Jason D. Seacat - Associate Professor of Psychology, College of Arts & Sciences - js289636@wne.edu

Prof. Kathleen A.D. Wurm - Professional Educator Chemistry/Lab Instructor/Coordinator, College of Arts & Sciences - kwurm@wne.edu

5 Years

David B. Adair - Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner, Health Services - da330540@wne.edu

Dr. Diptiman Bose - Assistant Professor of Pharmacology, College of Pharmacy - db330121@wne.edu

Randy  Budzynkiewicz - Licensed Plumber, Buildings - rb330479@wne.edu

Dr. Stacie F. Chappell - Assistant Professor of Management, College of Business - sc330119@wne.edu

Dr. Jocelyn A. DeAngelis - Assistant Professor of Communication, College of Arts & Sciences - jd330280@wne.edu

Dr. Courtney Doyle-Campbell - Clinical Assistant Professor of Ambulatory Care, College of Pharmacy cd330549@wne.edu

Dr. Joseph N. Gallant - Professional Educator of Physics, College of Arts & Sciences - jg330538@wne.edu

Prof. Ausher M.B. Kofsky - Assistant Professor of Accounting, College of Business - ak330118@wne.edu

Dr. Melissa Lail-Trecker - Professional Educator Biology/Lab Instructor/Coordinator, College of Arts & Sciences - ml330600@wne.edu

Jason M. Lebeau - Assistant Football Coach/Offensive Coordinator, Athletics - jl277675@wne.edu

Dr. Kenneth Y. Lee - Chair and Professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering, College of Engineering - kl330228@wne.edu

Dr. Keri A. Lee - Associate Professor of Chemistry, College of Arts & Sciences - kl330283@wne.edu

Dr. Christian Salmon - Assistant Professor of Industrial Engineering and Engineering Management, College of Engineering - cs330231@wne.edu

Dr. Natalia G. Shcherbakova - Assistant Professor of Pharmacoeconomics, College of Pharmacy - ns329980@wne.edu

Dr. Rodney C. Siwale - Assistant Professor of Pharmaceutics, College of Pharmacy - rs330120@wne.edu

Dr. Ruolin Zhou - Assistant Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering, College of Engineering - rz330230@wne.edu



Recognized Anniversaries:

20 Years
Dr. Bonni Alpert - Assistant Dean for Student Disability Services, Student Disability Services - balpert@wne.edu

15  Years
Kimberly Howard - Assistant Manager Benefits Administration, Human Resources - kimberly.howard@wne.edu

10 Years
Dr. Gregory P.  Hanley - Director of the PhD Program in BA and Professor of Psychology, College of Arts and Sciences - ghanley@wne.edu

Elizabeth A. Lavallee - Assistant Director for Social Media & Advertising, Marketing & External Affairs - beth.lavallee@wne.edu

Mark A. Moran - Business Systems Analyst, Information Technology - mark.moran@wne.edu

5 Years

Dr. Matthew R. Dintzner -  Assistant Dean for Assessment & Accreditation / Professor of Medicinal Chemistry,  College of Pharmacy - matthew.dintzner@wne.edu

Lori A. Fenton - Assistant to the Dean of Business, College of Business -  lori.fenton@wne.edu

Dr. Shamima Khan - Assistant Professor of Pharmacy Administration, College of Pharmacy - shamima.khan@wne.edu

Dr. Shannon Kinney - Assistant Professor of Pharmacology, College of Pharmacy - shannon.kinney@wne.edu

Joanne  Ollson - Assistant Vice President & Director of Human Resources, Human Resources -    joanne.ollson@wne.edu

Dr. Ronny Priefer - Professor of Medicinal Chemistry, College of Pharmacy - ronny.priefer@wne.edu


Recognized Anniversaries:

30 Years
Judith St. Germain - Programmer/Analyst, Information Technology - judy.stgermain@wne.edu

 35 Years
Frank Lango - Manager of Housekeeping Services, Housekeeping - frank.lango@wne.edu