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Registration Fall 2018

Fall 2018 course registration and advising will be done on an entirely new system called Colleague Self-Service.   Most students can begin using Self-Service immediately to plan their fall 2018 schedule.

  • Apr 3-13: Undergraduate Priority Registration
  • Apr 23-26: Law, Occupational Therapy & Pharmacy Priority Registration

Videos for Students:

Watch Me First Planning Your Schedule Watch Me Second Registering for Courses

Advisor video:

Video for Advisors

Questions and Answers

Here's an overview of changes affecting fall 2018 advising and course registration.  

What is changing?

The University's Student Information System (SIS) and the related ASAP system are being replaced with a modern, industry standard system from Ellucian. The new system includes a Self-Service component that will be used for fall 2018 course registration and advising.

Who is affected?

Faculty advisors will use Self-Service to authorize their advisees to register. All students will use Self-Service to register for fall 2018 courses.

When is this happening?

The new system will be used for all fall 2018 semester course registrations.  As usual, students meet with their advisors during mid-late March and actual course self-registration occurs in early April.  This is the same advising and priority registration timeline used for many years - the timing has not changed.

Will all students be able to self-register?

Yes. All Western New England University students will self-register for their fall 2018 courses.  This includes first-year and sophomore undergraduates and students in the College of Health Sciences and School of Law.

Will Advisors be able to register their advisees?

No.  Faculty advisors cannot register students.  All students will use Self-Service to register themselves online.

  • Schedule meetings with your advisees as usual.
  • Obtain your advisees' degree audits as usual. (Student degree audits have NOT yet been transferred to the new system, and they will be retrieved from the legacy SIS that's being replaced. If someone provided you with printed degree audits in the past, that will not change.)
  • An advisor can use Self-Service to:
    • Authorize a student to register by clicking an Advisement Complete button. This step is required since your advisees cannot self-register without your authorization.
    • View and possibly modify an advisee's fall 2018 draft course plan. Students will have been instructed to use Self-Service to create a draft plan prior to meeting with their advisor.
    • Archive an advisee's fall 2018 plan. This saves a snapshot of the plan as a PDF file that you can download for your records. 
What are the high-level steps for a student?
  • Schedule a meeting with your advisor as usual.
  • Before meeting with your advisor:
    • Use ASAP to review/print your degree audit and review your degree requirements. (A record of courses you have completed will NOT yet be available on the new system, and you must use ASAP's "Audit of Degree Status" to get that information.)
    • Use Self-Service to create a draft plan of course sections you want to take for fall 2018. 
  • Your advisor can use Self-Service to review the draft fall 2018 course plan you have prepared. Be sure your advisor authorizes you to register by clicking "Advisement Complete" in their view of your fall 2018 plan. You cannot register for courses without your advisor's authorization.
  • After your registration start time arrives, navigate to your fall 2018 plan in Self-Service, then click a "Register Now" button to register for all the courses on your plan at once. 
How will registration periods work?

Registration will open for small groups of students in one hour intervals during normal business hours (8:00AM through 4PM), and each student will be assigned a specific start time, e.g. "Tues April 3 at 3:00 PM". As always, start times are prioritized based on class year (Seniors first, followed by Juniors, then Sophomores, then First-year students), and on academic standing within a class year.  Also, as before, a student can register from the assigned start time up to the first day of classes.


No, for fall 2018 registration degree audits will still be on the old ASAP (Administrative Systems Access Point) system that Self-Service is replacing. 

(This is a temporary arrangement; degree audit data WILL be available within Self-Service for the registration periods beyond fall 2018.)

WHERE DO I FIND a list of courses being offered?

The new Self-Service system includes a  searchable “Course Catalog” database that includes course sections and meeting times for fall 2018. Course schedules for fall 2018 will also be available on the Academic Scheduling website as they have been in the past 


It’s a one-week calendar that displays course sections you plan to take.

Screen shot of a sample schedule showing three course sections on a calendar.



Use Self-Service’s Course Catalog to find the course.  Click “Add Course to Plan” and select the Fall 2018 term.   This adds the course to the Plan and Schedule tool used to place a specific section of the course on your calendar.


No.  Students can only register for course sections found on their fall 2018 course plan.  The steps are to 1) develop a course plan, 2) meet with your advisor and get authorized, then 3) register for the course sections on your plan after your priority registration start date/time.


The  Self-Service warning (in RED) “Advisement Complete by your Advisor is needed to register.” appears if you have not yet been authorized to register.

Text box reads Advisement Complete by your Advisor is needed to register.


A message appears in Self-Service indicating your start date and time.  Also the "Register Now" button on your course plan will be grayed out (inactive) before your start date and time.

Your registration period for fall 2018 begins on 4/6/2018 at 1:00 pm


No, your start date/time is simply the earliest you can register.  You can register for courses from that time until the first day of the fall 2018 semester.


Click the "Register Now" button on your fall 2018 course plan to register for all of the courses on your plan at once.  Alternatively, you register for one course at a time from the same "Plan and Schedule" page.

When will I be able to login?

Faculty advisors will be able to login to Self-Service on March 12, 2018.  Students will be able to login to Self-Service after Spring Break on March 26.

How can I learn more?

Videos and how-to documents are being prepared and will be shared via University Posts and Kodiak announcements.

Demonstrations  for faculty advisors have been scheduled for each of the Colleges and the School of Law, and arrangements are being made to demonstrate self-service to Student Senate, Residence Advisors, and other student groups.

 Advisor resources


Login at https://selfservice.wne.edu/student or use the Self-Service link within the Connect2U portal. Note that faculty advisors have early access. Students will not be able to login until after Monday March 26 2018!


VIDEO: Self-Service Advising for fall 2018 courses
YouTube video demonstrating the use of Self-Service from the advisor's viewpoint.
Student Planning Quick Steps for faculty advisors
A one-page list of steps faculty advisors will follow to review their advisee's course plans and authorize them to register.
Advising in Colleague Self-Service
A more detailed how-to document for faculty advisors with screenshots.

Demonstration Schedule

  • Feb 27 College of Engineering
  • Mar 6   College of Arts & Sciences
  • Mar 12 Occupational Therapy Faculty
  • Mar 14 College of Business
  • TBD     Pharmacy Faculty
Center for Teaching and Learning (2 Events)
Location: D'Amour Library D215 (Digital Learning Center)
Times: March 14 at 4PM, and March 15 at 12:30PM
RSVP to:  Suzanne.Orlando@wne.edu

Getting Help

For questions regarding the advising process please contact your Dean's office. For questions regarding use of the Self-Service software, email Educational Technology & Training at edtech@wne.edu. One-to-one help sessions can be be arranged.

Student Resources


Login at https://selfservice.wne.edu/student or use the Self-Service link within the Connect2U portal. Students will not be able to login until Monday March 26 2018.



Plan your Schedule with Self-Service
Demonstrates how to use Colleague Self-Service to build a fall 2018 course schedule by first selecting courses from Colleague's Course Catalog, and then adding sections to the schedule.
Registering for Courses
Demonstrates how to register for the fall 2018 courses you already added to your plan using the techniques demonstrated in the "Plan your Schedule with Self-Service" video.

PDF Guides

Student Planning Quick Steps for students
A one-page list of steps students will follow to plan their schedule, meet with their advisor, and register for courses.
Planning courses for your Fall 2018 semester
A more detailed PDF explaining how a student will use Self-Service to create a course plan before meeting with their advisor.
Registering for Fall 2018 courses
Explains how a student uses Self-Service to actually register for courses they have included in their course plan.

Demonstration Schedule

  • Feb 20  Student Senate
  • Feb 20  Peer Advisors
  • Mar 1   Student Senate Executive Board
  • Mar 15 Residence Advisors and Peer Advisors
  • Mar 26 Pharmacy 1st year
  • Mar 27 Commuter luncheon - Rivers

Getting Help

Consult with your advisor for all questions related to course selection, prerequisites, and degree requirements.

The following resources are available for  help with the use of the Self-Service software:

  • If you cannot login to Self-Service on or after March 26 contact the OIT Service Desk on the 3rd floor of Churchill, or x2200 (796-2200), or at helpdesk@wne.edu
  • Resident Advisors and Peer Advisors will have attended Self-Service software demonstrations and will also be given early access to the system.
  • A Registration Information table will be set up in the new Dining Commons Monday-Friday from 12 noon to 1:30 PM starting on March 26 through April 13.  
  • Office of Information Technology staff will be available to offer help with Self-Service in D'Amour Library's G26 computer lab at these times: 
    • March 26 9:00-12:30
    • March 27 11:00-2:00
    • March 28 9:00-4:30
    • March 29 12:30-4:30
    • March 30 9:00-11:00, and 12:00-4:30 
  • Email questions to edtech@wne.edu


This is the University's very first use of Self-Service, and it was not possible to transfer student degree audit information in time for the fall 2018 registration period.

In simple terms, this means that Self-Service doesn't yet "know" anything about the courses a student has already taken.

For that reason, all requisites in the Self-Service Course Catalog have been deliberately entered as "Recommended, but not required." 

As a result it is important for students to:

  1. Consult the 2017-2018 Catalogue for the true requisites for each of your fall 2018 courses (because the Self-Service Course Catalog ALWAYS SAYS "Recommended, but not required.")

  2. Confirm you meet the requisites for each of your fall 2018 courses (because Self-Service will not block you from registering for any course.)

During Summer 2018, students will be unenrolled from courses for which they don't have the proper requisite courses.

Here are links to the Western New England University 2017-2018 Catalog pages for finding the true course requisites.  (Note Self-Service uses "requisites" while the 2017-2018 Catalog calls them "prerequisites". )