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About Us

International Student and Scholar Services (ISSS) staff advises more than 200 international students, scholars, and their dependents from over 35 countries on matters relating to immigration as well as academic, social, financial, and personal concerns relevant to daily life in the United States. ISSS also provides programs specifically to serve the needs of international students and scholars through immigration advising and cultural adjustment programs.

ISSS collaborates with other campus offices and students organizations to develop and implement educational and co-curricular programs designed to heighten cultural awareness, appreciation of cultural diversity, and intercultural understanding for all students.

Katie Ahlman

  • Katie Ahlman

    Katie Ahlman is the International Student Coordinator at Western New England University and works with all incoming international students at Western New England University.  Katie received her Bachelors in Global Studies and Anthropology from Nebraska Wesleyan University and her Masters in Educational Policy and Administration with a concentration in International Education from the University of Minnesota. Katie has lived in Costa Rica, Cuba, and Ghana and traveled to over 12 countries. She loves working with international students and helping them introduce their culture to the greater campus community.

Student Assistants

  • Ananth Pasnoor

    Ananth was born and raised up in Hyderabad, India. He completed his undergraduate from Jawaharlal Nehru Technological University, Hyderabad in Aeronautical engineering and is currently pursuing his Masters in Mechanical engineering with Mechatronic concentration. He loves to spend time with others, going out with friends, hiking, listening to music, and oil painting. He is a dog lover and loves to travel around the world exploring different cultures and meeting new people.

  • Sarah Lander

    Sarah Lander is a sophomore Pre-pharmacy major and originally from Westfield, MA. When not studying, she likes to cook, work, and watch Netflix. Her favorite place to be is at the beach or hiking in the woods! Her future aspirations are to finish school and become a Pharmacist at a hospital. 

  • Nam Le

    Nam was born and raised in Hanoi, Vietnam. He is a member of 2019 class and majors in Communication. Nam loves to spend time with other international students, helping them with school, or any difficulties that they might have. Nam enjoys the art of dancing and he keeps himself busy with dance practice. Nam has traveled to 4 countries in Europe and 4 other countries in Asia. He is looking forward to gaining more knowledge of the world's culture and to travel to other countries.

  • Maria Rodriguez

    Maria Rodriguez is from Methuen, MA and is a first year student. Her major is Creative Writing, and when she is not writing she likes to keep herself busy with other creative things, like drawing and painting. Dogs are her favorite animals in the world and she loves the beach! As a singer she also has a big passion for music! She hopes that she can travel and learn about other cultures as much as she can while at Western New England. Maria will study abroad in Spain in Fall 2016.

  • Sourabh Maturu (MGR)

    M.G.R.SOURABH was born and raised in Vijayawada, Andhra Pradesh, India . He completed his in Bachelors of Mechanical and Automation and has an MBA in Marketing and Sales and Agricultural Business Management, from Amith University Rajasthan. He is a photographer, a bike lover, and  used to play guitar and sing for a band in India. He loves to socialize and travel. He has been to many places like Bangkok, Malaysia, Singapore, Dubai etc. and also many places in the U.S. He loves to help others and is always open to meeting and interacting with new students.