International Programs at
Western New England University

Our Vision for Internationalization

The Western New England Strategic Plan 2009-18, "Individual Focus. Global Perspectives. A Personal Approach to a University Education,” serves to guide the University toward its centennial celebration in 2019. Teaching and learning from a global perspective is integral to the University’s mission to educate our students, both domestic and international.

The Plan outlines eight strategic directions. The Office of Strategic Initiatives plays a critical role in the implementation of Direction Four of the plan, which focuses on the development of campus-wide international initiatives. Western New England University is building on its current strengths in international education to develop innovative approaches to our international educational agenda.

To that end, the University established the International Programs Coordinating Council (IPCC), with relevant representatives from the across the administration and faculty. The IPCC works with the Office of Strategic Initiatives to develop, support, and promote international opportunities for student educational experiences and faculty research abroad. The University actively encourages a growing number of students from several different countries to study on our campus at the undergraduate and graduate level. The University offers several excellent Western New England faculty-led international travel courses. Our aim in the near term is to support the development of even more University travel courses and to encourage reciprocal faculty exchange.

To accomplish our strategic plan, the Office of Strategic Initiatives, the IPCC, and other important campus offices have embarked, or will soon embark, on the following steps:

  • Establish an Office of International Programs headed by a person with the appropriate organizational leadership position and authority
  • Further extend study and work abroad programs
  • Increase and support our international student population
  • Support faculty international research and teaching
  • Encourage curricular and interdisciplinary internationalization enhancements

From the study of foreign languages, cultures, and economies, to international travel, broadening our worldview helps us to understand one another as individuals. This vantage point enables us to see how we can shape the world for the better through the personal and professional decisions we make. Join us on this exciting journey!