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First Assignments



LAW 695 Academic Success Workshop (Orlen)

LAW 501 Constitutional Law (Setty)

LAW 503 Contracts (Levi)

LAW 508 Lawyering Skills II (Cohen, Freeman, Kaiser)

LAW 511 Property (Gaudio)



LAW 695 Academic Success Workshop (Orlen)

LAW 503 Contracts (Charity)

LAW 505 Criminal Law (Goldstein)

LAW 508 Lawyering Skills II (Freeman)


LAW 773 Accounting for Lawyers (Drapalski)

LAW 705 Administrative Law (Buzuvis)

QWCS 671 Advanced Lawyering Skills (Newcombe)

LAW 799 Advanced Legal Analysis II (Dion)

QWC 733 Alternative Reproductive Technology (Levi)

QWCS 652 Appellate Advocacy (Kaiser)

LAW 551 Business Organizations (Reiche-Graefe)

LAW 501 Constitutional Law (Miller)

LAW 694 Conveyancing (Knickerbocker)

LAW 739 Copyright Law (Ciotola, Rye)

LAWS 922/923 Criminal Law Defense Practicum/Seminar (Cafaro)

LAW 784 Criminal Procedure Survey (Hiser)

LAW 796 Criminal Procedure: Adjudication (Goldstein)

QWC 632 Critical Race (Baldwin)

LAW 776 Cybercrime Digital Evidence (Baldwin)

LAWS 976/977 Elder Law Clinic/Seminar (Lovejoy)

QWC 959 End of Life Law Seminar (Noah)

QWCS 723 Estate Planning (Royal)

LAW 553 Evidence (Baldwin)

LAWS 973/974 Family Law Mediation Clinic/Seminar (Kaufman)

LAW 724 Federal Courts & Jurisdiction (Wolf)

LAW 622 Federal Criminal Law (Charity)

LAW 679 Gaming Law (Lobe)

LAW 686 Health Care Finance & Delivery (Noah)

LAWS 924/925 Immigration Clinic/Seminar (Shaw)

LAW 651 Immigration Law (Wolf)

LAW 747 Income Tax II (Royal)

LAWS 912/913 International Human Rights Clinic/Seminar (Carasik)

LAWS 807/806 Judicial Externship/Seminar (Cohen)

LAWS 636 Law Office Simulation (Agen)

LAWS 808/809 Law Practice Externship/Seminar (Cohen)

LAW 954 Law Review Board (Freeman, Reiche-Graefe)

LAW 950 Law Review Staff (Freeman, Reiche-Graefe)

LAW 958 Legal Issue Digital Media (Harrison)

LAWS 916 Legal Services Clinic (Shaw)

LAWS 917 Legal Services Clinic Seminar (Shaw)

LAW 763 Mass Practice & Procedure (Hiser)

LAW 906 Mindfulness in Law Practice (Cohen, Orlen)

QWCS 752 Municipal Law (Rodriguez-Ross)

LAWS 769 Negotiation, Mediation & Arbitration (Orlen)

LAW 770 New York Practice and Procedure (Powers)

LAWS 615 Probate Court Practice (Beauvais)

LAW 575 Professional Responsibility (Carhart)

LAW 730 Real Estate Finance (Gaudio)

LAWS 946/947 Real Property Practice Seminar/Practicum (Statchen)

LAW 744 Sales (Boroff)

LAW 743 Securities Litigation (Blanchard)

LAWS 944/945 Small Business Clinic/Seminar (Statchen)

QWC 623 Title IX: Sex Discrimination in Education (Buzuvis)

LAW 760 Trademark Law (Mango, Whalley)

LAWS 681 Trial Methods (Belsky)

LAW 748 Trusts & Estates (Worthington)

LAW 670 UCC Survey (Reiche-Graefe)