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First Assignments



LAW 500-01 Introduction to the Law (Steiner)

LAW 695-01/02 Academic Success Workshop (Orlen)

LAW 507-10/11/16/17 Lawyering Skills I (Prof. Cohen, Prof. Kaiser, Prof. Freeman)

LAW 505-01 Criminal Law (Prof. Baldwin)

LAW 509-01 Civil Procedure (Prof. Miller)

LAW 513-01 Torts (Steiner)



LAW 500-03 Introduction to the Law (Steiner)

LAW 695-03 Academic Success Workshop (Prof. Orlen)

LAW 507-18 Lawyering Skills (Prof. Freeman)

LAW 509-03 Civil Procedure (Prof. Wolf)

LAW 513-03 Torts (Prof. Noah)


LAW 599-01 Advanced Legal Analysis (Prof. Dion)

LAW 685-01 Bankruptcy (Judge Boroff)

LAW 688-01 Bioethics (Prof. Noah)

LAW 551-03 Business Organizations (Prof. Setty)

LAW 962-01 Comparative Corporate Law (Dean Gouvin)

QWC 656-03 Consumer Protection (Prof. Dion)

QWC 706-01 Criminal Procedure: Investiongation (Prof. Baldwin)

LAWS 920-01/921-01 Criminal Law Prosecution Clinic/Seminar (Prof. Cafaro)

LAWS 617-01 Criminal Pre-Trial Practice (Prof. Cafaro)

LAW 664-03 Elder Law (Prof. Lovejoy)

LAW 601-03 Electronic Discovery (Prof. Winseck)

LAW 674-03 Employment Discrimination (Prof. Buzuvis)

LAW 722-03 Estate & Gift Tax (Royal)

LAW 553-01 Evidence (Goldstein)

LAW 643-03 Family Law (Levi)

QWCS 640-03 Federal Income Tax Simulation (Royal)

QWCS 797-01 Federal Litigation Pretrial Phase (Judge Mastroianni)

QWC 716-02 First Amendment Rights (Kaiser)

LAW 629-01 Gender & the Law (Levi)

LAW 671-01 Higher Education Law (Murphy)

LAWS 924-01/925-01 Immigration Clinic/Seminar (Prof. Shaw)

LAW 555-01/03 Income Tax I (Prof. Metzger)

LAW 603-01 International Criminal Law (Prof. Charity)

QWCS 792-01 International Human Rights (Prof. Wolf)

QWC 762-01 International Law (Prof. Charity)

LAWS 753-03 Interviewing, Counseling & Negotiation (Prof. Vickery)

LAWS 806-10/807-10 Judicial Externship/Seminar (Dean Cohen)

LAW 727-03 Juvenile Justice (Prof. Chapman)

LAW 960-03 Labor & Employment (Prof. Freeman)

LAW 696-03 Landlord & Tenant (Prof. Donnelly)

LAW 632-03 Law Office Management (Prof. Agen)

LAWS 808-10/809-10 Law Practice Externship/Seminar (Dean Cohen)

LAW 675-03 Legal Aspects of Entrepreneurship (Mutchler)

LAWS 916-01 Legal Service Clinic (Prof. Shaw)

LAWS 917-01 Legal Services Clinic Seminar (Prof. Shaw)

LAWS 910-01 Legal Services: Skills Seminar (Prof. Shaw)

QWC 678-01 Legal Writing & Analysis (Prof. Orlen)

LAWS 728-03 Mediation (Prof. Kaufman)

LAW 961-01 National Security & Government Accountability (Prof. Setty)

LAWS 769-02 Negotiaion, Mediation & Arbitration (Prof. Sykes)

LAW 758-01 Post-Conviction Rights & Procedures (Goldstein)

LAW 702-03 Products Liability (Prof. Grant)

LAW 575-03 Professional Responsibility (O'Regan)

LAW 511-03 Property (Buzuvis)

LAW 746-01 Secured Transactions (Judge Boroff)

LAWS 944-03/945-03 Small Business Clinic (Prof. Statchen)

LAW 639-01 Special Education Law (Prof. Thompson)

LAW 740-01 Taxation of Business Entities (Prof. Royal)

LAWS 681-03 Trial Methods (Judge Page) (Class Syllabus)

LAW 748-01 Trusts & Estates (Prof. Worthington)

LAW 611-01 White Collar Crime (Prof. Goldstein)