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New Ongoing Training

For Spring 2018, our popular Legal Tech Trainings are getting a new format. Instead of multi-session classes, we are moving to a format where individual topics will be taught on an ongoing basis.

For instance instead of a multi-session class on Microsoft Word being offered once a semester, the topics taught in the Word class will be taught as several independent classes offered several times throughout the year.

Certification for each product will be issued when students complete all classes associated with that product. Look for the schedule on the whiteboard outside of the Law Library and on the Law Library webpage. You can find the schedule for upcoming classes by following this link.

For more information contact Artie Berns


Brought to you by the Law Library

Do you know a lot about the Presidents? Maybe you just think you do... Put your knowledge to the test in our upcoming contest in honor of Presidents’ Day.

To enter, get the list of questions from the Circulation Desk and answer all the questions. Then put your completed quiz into the box on the Circulation Desk.

Only one entry per person please! 

Entries must be recieved by the time the Law Library closes on February 19.