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Next Event: Academic Freedom Debate: Wednesday, March 1 (12:00 p.m.)

About this event

On Wednesday, March 1, Western New England University School of Law will host a debate, on academic freedom and freedom of speech. Mr. Azhar Majeed, vice president of policy reform at the Foundation for Individual Rights in Education, and School of Law Professor Bruce K. Miller will debate strategies such as safe-spaces, civility contracts, tolerance policies, safety-pins, and offensive speech rules. These techniques are championed by some as vital policies to protect vulnerable populations and to curb hateful speech, while others believe these measures are unnecessary and could impact the freedom of faculty and student speech. This is a matter for debate.  This debate follows on the heels of the recent presidential election, which was distinguished by its unusually raw rhetoric, and seeks to examine the appropriate balance between protection of first amendment rights and the right of society and vulnerable populations to be free of hurtful speech.