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Mission: Ignition

A Unique Summer Exploration for High School Students

Mission: Ignition is a unique opportunity for rising sophomore, junior, and senior high school students to explore new ideas that will spark their passion and creativity. Whether their interests are in Law, Broadcasting, or Mathematics and Music, students will discover new and exciting concepts that will not only put them light years ahead of their classmates, but will also jump start their futures.

These programs will take place on August 6-17, 2018 from 8:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m and will be held on Western New England University campus.

Summer Programs Available

  • Forensic Investigation and Trial Skills


    Forensic Investigation and Trial Skills will put you at the scene of a crime, where your mission will be to conduct a thorough forensic investigation and identify the perpetrator. You’ll see the case through to a mock trial, where you’ll be divided into teams of prosecutors and defense attorneys who present the case to a jury of their peers. Whether you spark a debate about the criminal justice system or bring to light an important forensic finding, you’ll fuel your future during this program.

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  • Broadcast Bootcamp


    Want to be a news broadcaster, sports reporter, TV producer, or videographer? Explore exciting careers in broadcasting through hands-on workshops offered by media experts. You’ll learn about journalism and production in the University’s TV Studio, plus you’ll visit local media outlets for a behind-the-scenes look at how real television stations get news on the air. You’ll also meet working journalists and current Communication students to get their perspective on broadcasting in a digital age. Best of all, you’ll take a career test-drive by creating your own video production, starring you!

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  • Stock Market Experience


    If you’re fascinated with Wall Street the Stock Market Experience will test your financial know-how with real trading room experience. You’ll get a crash course in basic equity analysis and investment selection methods, such as fundamental analysis, equity valuation, and technical analysis. Then you’ll take what you’ve learned and pick securities for a real investment fund. Start your engines; the race to the closing bell starts now!

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  • Introduction to STEM and Robotics


    If the idea of engineering and building an innovative prototype fires you up, this program will accelerate your innovative thought and technical skills. Based on the “hackerspace” concept (which involves building something useful from various components that are provided) this workshop is project-based and hands-on. You’ll learn how to build electronic circuits using various sensors and actuators, program a microcontroller to perform specific tasks, and make your own working robot.

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  • Math and Music


    Math and music share a profound relationship. In this program, you’ll explore how various musical concepts can be explained and understood through math. To spark your interest, you will listen to and play various instruments, compose music with mathematics and technology, and make a musical instrument that you will perform with. It’s an experience you won’t want to miss, so turn up the radio and enjoy the ride!

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