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Eastern Colleges Science Conference 2016

April 2, 2016

On Saturday, April 2nd, Western New England University hosted the 70th Annual Eastern Colleges Science Conference. This was the largest ECSC conference in history with over 350 attendees from 23 colleges giving over 50 talks and 130 posters. 


Of the ten awards for platform (oral) presentation our COP learners took home three of them. Jeff Rovatti won the Excellence in Innovative Research established by Joan Lakoski (VP and CSO at AACP) for top oral presentation ($100). Other COP platform presenters to win were Brittany Dickhaus and Clayton Cassone. Additionally, of the seventeen awards for poster presentations WNE students won three. Edwin Kaczenski and Nina Johnson are PY1s working with Drs. Mathias and Kinney, Mary Machado and Natalie Chofay are freshman pre-Pharm working with Dr. Priefer, and Nicole Lessard is working with Dr. Tershner in Neuroscience.  Below is the list of all WNE winners. They represented themselves, their research mentors, the college, and the university with great style and grace.

Cubane: 50 Years Later

July 29, 2015

Since the initial synthesis of cubane in 1964, numerous derivatives have been made with a diverse range of physical, chemical, and biological properties; from the most powerful nonnuclear explosive, to antivirals. The molecule has very unusual bond angles which should, in theory have made this an impossible chemical to make. Dr. Ronny Priefer, Professor of Medicinal Chemistry within the College of Pharmacy at Western New England University has been working on cubane since his graduate school years at McGill University. Most of his work has been on how versions of it rearrange and/or fall apart. More recently he has been looking at incorporating them into sensors as well as pharmaceuticals. 

Chemical Reviews is one of the most highly regarded and highest-ranked journals covering the general topic of chemistry. It has an impact ranking of 46.57, which places it number 4th (out of over 8000) for all science and health journals. Dr. Priefer had a manuscript accepted entitled “Cubane: 50 Years Later” into this prestigious journal in its latest issue. In addition, he was awarded the cover for his expertise on the subject matter. This is the culmination of over a decade and a half of work in the field.