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The Center for the Sciences and Pharmacy

The largest and most ambitious building project in the University’s history, the $40 million Center for the Sciences and Pharmacy houses the University’s College of Pharmacy and programs in Biology, Chemistry, Forensic Biology, Forensic Chemistry, Neuroscience, and Psychology. The University's Office of Health Services is also located in the Center.

The Center for Sciences and Pharmacy (CSP), offers a physical environment conducive to educational and social exchange within all classrooms. Additionally, faculty and administrative offices are all housed in the same location. The instructional spaces foster abilities-based teaching, learning, and assessment via a simulated hospital room for acute care practice, a model pharmacy (Secundem Artem) for outpatient and inpatient dispensing, clinic patient assessment rooms for ambulatory care, and a multipurpose and sterile products labs for compounding. 

The larger lecture classrooms are sized for 80 learners and arranged such that instructors can move easily throughout the space. Small classrooms for breakout sessions and small discussion spaces are easily accessible from the larger lecture classrooms. Technology provides a framework for the delivery of educational materials and facilitates enhanced teaching, learning, and assessment practices. The facility is wireless, in addition to having dedicated ports in classrooms, laboratories and offices that ensure high-speed access throughout. Several courses are scheduled in sections, allowing for smaller group instruction and more individualized attention.