Residence Life—It’s More than Housing

Living on campus provides numerous opportunities for students to maximize their overall college experience. A variety of living environments, coupled with the programs and services designed for each of these areas, help students become active members of our community as individual contributors and benefactors. As part of their education, we encourage and challenge students to explore their commonalities and differences in a way that makes everyone feel valued and respected for who they are and who they are striving to become on their personal journey.

A student-centered approach, which combines support and guidance with structured opportunities to develop greater self-confidence, self-reliance, and life skills, is how we put our mission statement into action and support the University’s Strategic Plan and our own 10-year plan. Resources in Residence Life include not only professional, paraprofessional and student staff, but also learning-based opportunities such as the BEAR program (Building Experiences Among Residents) for first year students, theme based communities designed and implemented by sophomores in the living-learning center, the senior series for pending graduates, and leadership development through involvement in the Residence Hall Association or appointment as a resident advisor.

This  website describes in greater detail who we are and what we do. We hope you find it informative and beneficial as a current or potential member of the Western New England University community.

Residence Life—A Short History

Since the construction of the first residence hall in 1965, the Residence Life office has evolved from a modest housing operation into a multi-faceted department working in partnership with faculty and staff and a growing population of undergraduate students. Living arrangements have expanded to meet ever-changing student interests and needs. A suite-style complex, unique in it circular design, was added in 1977 as well as a ‘real world’ apartment complex in 1982. Another period of growth led to the design and construction of four new residence facilities since 1999. This added new dimensions to campus residency that include a residential living/learning center with classrooms as well as a townhouse complex and new apartment style hall with eco-friendly features.

At present, approximately 90% of new students and three-quarters of returning students live in university housing, as well as some graduate and law students, for a diverse community of 2,000 residents.

Our Mission

In partnership with the Office of Residence Life, students create opportunities that foster personal development, leadership skills, and academic success. Together we strive to create safe, supportive, and inclusive residential communities in which students practice and promote respect, community involvement, and acceptance.

Contact Information

Campus Center, Second Floor
Hours: M-F, 8:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.
Phone: 413-782-1317

Please feel free to stop by for assistance with any residence related concern or to learn about opportunities for involvement in the Residence Life Program, such as hall governance, activities, or employment opportunities.

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Jerry Roeder
Assistant Dean of Students
& Director of Residence Life