Western New England University students will have access to the dining halls when they have a meal plan. Meal plans come in different options to best fit the needs of our students. Students living in traditional residence areas are required to be part of a meal plan and students living in Gateway Village, Evergreen Village, and Southwood Hall have the option of a meal plan. In addition to the standard meal plans, students may also purchase DB (Declining Balance) points that they can use to make purchases at the Rock Café, Java City and Domino's Pizza. The University hopes to reduce the stress of college by making the dining process as easy as possible. Once a student has purchased a meal plan, they have access to the cafeteria from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. Students simply need to scan their student ID to get their meal. To learn more about the different plans we offer, please see below.

Mandatory (Traditional Residence Areas) Meal Plan Information

All first year resident students participate in the University's traditional 20 Meal Plan. This provides breakfast, lunch and dinner on Monday through Saturday, and brunch and dinner on Sunday. Participation is automatic and is covered through the Room and Board fee.

Sophomore resident students residing in Commonwealth Hall, Plymouth Complex, and LaRiviere Living and Learning Center may elect to participate in an alternate 14 Meal Plan. This plan allows for any 14 meals per week. Eligible students should log into their HMA account and refer to the "My Room" page to change their meal plan information.

Voluntary (On-Campus Apartment Areas) Meal Plans

Meal plans for students residing in Evergreen Village, Gateway Village, and Southwood Hall differ as these on-campus apartments provide full kitchens for the preparation of meals. Eligible students should log into their HMA account.  Meal plan information may be edited on their "My Room" page. 

Once a student has elected to participate in a voluntary meal plan, participation and subsequent biling is binding for the balance of the academic year.  There are two "open enrollment" periods at the start of each semeseter during which a student may change or delete his/her voluntary meal plan.  Meal plan adjustments must occur by Friday, September 11, 2015 for the Fall 2015 term and Friday, January 29, 2016 for the Spring 2016 term.

Below is a summary of the meal plan options available.  Additional points may be purchased from Student Administrative Services (SAS).  Reload your points anytime at the Dining Services Office or visit any Aramark (Dining Services) cash register to request an "add-on" form.  Meal plans are available for commuter students to purchase.  Commuter students should visit the Office of Residence Life for more information.

Meal Plan



85 meals + $300 DB

Allows you 85 all you-care-to-eat meals per semester and $300 DB points that you can use throughout the year.


55 meals + $150 DB

Allows you 55 all you-care-to-eat meals per semester and $150 DB points that you can use throughout the year. 


20 meals + $50 DB

This plan provides you with 20 all - you care-to-eat meals per week, all semester.


14 meals + $50 DB

This plan provides you with 14 all-you-care-to eat-meals per week, all semester.


Declining Balance Points

Declining balance points may be used like a debit card


Note:  DB points will transfer from the fall semester to the spring semester, but they will not transfer over to the next academic year.  Unused meals will not transfer over to the next semester.  ALL MEAL PLANS EXPIRE AT THE END OF THE ACADEMIC YEAR.