Gateway Village Apartments

Situated directly across from the main campus on Wilbraham Road, Gateway Village is a complex of 170 single story apartments owned and operated by Western New England University. For the 2016-20167academic year, up to 56 apartments are designated as accommodations for graduate students. These apartments are clusters of contiguous units in a section of the complex. The balance of Gateway Village accommodates undergraduate students.

If you refer to a campus map the apartment clusters begin at the end abutting Bellamy Road and continue along the rear roadway of the complex. Note that all of the units are not visible on the map, which provides a basic overview of Gateway Village.

There is on-site parking and Gateway Village includes a laundry facility with washers and driers without charge for use. Vehicular traffic to and from the complex is monitored by a security gate that is activated by a student's ID card.

An efficiency or one bedroom apartment may accommodate a married couple or domestic partners if space is available. Apartments with multiple bedrooms are intended for students of the same gender unless students request to live in Gender Neutral Housing. For more information on Gender Neutral Housing, please consult the information found here.

The size (square footage) of the living space, including the bedrooms, varies within each style/type of apartment. Graduate apartments are air conditioned because of the extended nature of some graduate programs and the option to extend housing into the summer.

In two bedroom apartments, assignment to a particular bedroom is 'first come, first served' upon arrival (i.e., at the time of key distribution.)  In three bedroom apartments, bedrooms are assigned in advance.

To respect the privacy of current residents, we cannot provide the opportunity to view the interior of the apartments until June. Access will be coordinated through Law School Admissions, College of Pharmacy Admissions and/or the office of Residence Life.

A number of current residents may choose to continue occupancy in 2016-2017 and are given advance opportunity to do so. This will determine how many spaces are available for new residents in any given apartment as well as the gender for assignment.  

Graduate apartments on Gateway Drive, as well as Breck Place 13R and 13L and Breckwood Circle 155-167 are carpeted.  The rest of the graduate area has tile flooring.

For reference, the variety of apartment residential fees is provided below.  The fees listed below are for the 2015-2016 academic year.  Please divide the cost in half to determine the per semester charge.

RESIDENTIAL FEES for 2015-2016

Apartment Type

Academic Year

Academic Year Plus Summer

Efficiency - single occupancy



one bedroom - single occupancy



two bedroom - 2 occupants



three bedroom - 3 occupants



 House - 3 occupants



View the Floor Plans:
Efficiency, One Bedroom, Two Bedroom, Three Bedroom

For questions or further information, contact the Office of Residence Life at 413-782-1317 or via email at