Calculating the Amount to Finance

To calculate the amount a family needs to finance, start with the year's charges, not just a semester's, subtracting deposits paid and the award amounts listed on the financial aid Award Letter, if an award has been made.  Do NOT subtract Workstudy funds, as they are not applied to the student account.  Financing can be any combination of single payments, payments through a payment plan, or additional parent or student loans, above and beyond the Award Letter.  Click here for further loan information.  Many families budget to use a payment plan  for some or all of the required amount in order to minimize the amount of borrowing.

Use the ASAP system to access an existing financial aid award.  ASAP is the link to individual student account information.  It is also accessible from the Student Resources page.  If you need to start the financial aid application process, this Financial Aid link discusses the process and walks you through the necessary steps.