Verification Worksheet

Since the government randomly selected your FAFSA for verification, please complete the Verification Worksheet and return it to our office.  Fax and mailing instructions are at the end of the worksheet and at the bottom of this page.  Your prompt response is critical in this matter.  If you have any questions regarding this request, please call SAS.

Projected Statement of Income

Your family's current year income must be substantially less than the prior year income in order for SAS to reevaluate your financial aid.

SAS will NOT consider the following situations for a reduction of income:

  • Tuition paid for elementary/secondary private school
  • Unusual expenses related to personal living (e.g. wedding expenses, credit card bills, home mortgage or school loan payments, car payments, legal expenses, other miscellaneous consumer item expenses)
  • One-year bonus incomes and lottery or gambling winnings, pension payments, legal awards, etc.
  • Reduction in overtime pay (this will be reflected in the following year's aid application)
  • Bankruptcy

If the reason you are requesting a review is listed above, do not complete the form.  If you are uncertain whether or not your situation can be considered for a review, please contact SAS at 413-796-2080.

If the reason you are requesting a review is not listed above, please complete the form for parent if student is dependent, or for student if student is independent.
Fax and mailing directions can be found at the bottom of this page.

Non-Tax Filer Statement

Complete this form if the parent or student did not file a federal income tax return for the year pertaining to your FAFSA filing.  Click here to view and print the Non-Tax Filer Statement.  You can fax or mail the completed form to the SAS office.

Submitting Forms

All forms may be faxed or mailed to the SAS office:

Western New England University
SAS Office
1215 Wilbraham Road
Springfield MA 01119
Phone: 413 796-2080 (800 325-1122 ext. 2080)
Fax: 413 796-2081