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Payment Plans

Payment Plan

What is the Payment Plan?
The Payment Plan prorates costs over a 10 or 12-month period. In this way, students and families avoid having to make large payments at the beginning of each semester. There are no finance charges or interest rates associated with this plan.

How does the Payment Plan work?
The plan is based on a year by year (12 month) contract. There is a $50 application and processing fee. After adding the entire year's tuition, room and board, and fees, and then subtracting financial aid, you will know your outstanding balance for the fall and spring semesters. Your monthly payment can be computed by dividing this balance by 10 or 12, depending on the plan selected. For more information, please contact the Student Administrative Services (SAS) office at (413)796-2080 or (800)325-1122 ext. 2080.

Enrolling in the Payment Plan prior to a Financial Aid Award Letter.
You can enroll in the Payment Plan prior to receiving next year's Award Letter by using the award numbers from last year. This way you can avoid the large payments associated with catching up with the plan when you enroll late in the summer. When next year's award arrives, you can speak with a Student Services Administrator at SAS and adjust the Plan to reflect actual aid award values. The Payment Plan Form gives the full description of the Payment Plan and includes the application.

Early Payment Plan

What is the Early Payment Plan?
The Early Payment Plan enables students and their families to pay future tuition in advance. The advantage of this plan is that it guarantees current tuition rates for all semesters paid in advance, protecting families from inflation and increases in tuition. By enrolling in the Early Payment Plan you automatically receive the Full-Year Discount for the first year, as described below. Payment for all future semesters must be received by the fall due date of August 1 of the current year. 

Can room, board, and fees be prepaid under this plan?
No. The Early Payment Plan covers only tuition.

How many semesters can be prepaid?
Full-time students may pay four years of tuition at the entering year rate. If desired, as little as one future semester may be paid for in advance with the current year payment. The Early Payment Plan Form gives the full description of the Early Payment Plan and includes the application.

For more information and help calculating the total payment, please contact the SAS office at 413-796-2080 or 800-325-1122 ext. 2080.

Full-Year Discount

What is the Full-Year Discount?
When paying for two semesters' tuition by the fall due date of August 1, you may deduct 2% of the full cost of tuition from your payment. You pay a year's tuition X .98, rounding UP to the nearest dollar. Each semester of the year, you will receive a credit equal to the full tuition charge. Enrollees in the Early Payment Plan will receive this benefit for the first year, in addition to locking in the current tuition rate for future years.

Can room, board, and fees be paid and discounted under this plan?
No. The Full-Year Discount applies only to tuition charges.

What do I need to pay?
To determine the required payment, start with one semester's tuition X 2, then multiplying by .98 (rounding UP to the nearest dollar) gives the discounted payment amount before adding the other fees, room and board. Financial aid awards do not reduce the tuition portion of your payment, although they may reduce or eliminate the payment required for fees, room and board. If a credit balance occurs after disbursement of financial aid, you can choose to receive a refund, or let the credit remain for the next semester. 

How does one enroll for the discount?
You can send a note to the attention of the Bursar with your payment by August 1. The note should state that the payment is for both semesters' tuition and that you would like to receive the 2% tuition credit. The note and payment should be addressed to the same address to which all payments are sent:

Student Administrative Services
Western New England University
1215 Wilbraham Road
Springfield  MA  01119-2684

If there are any questions about the discount and payments, please call the SAS office at 413-796-2080, or 800-325-1122, extension 2080.