Transitioning to Western New England University

A Personal Approach to a University Education

"Elevate, elevate, elevate!" that has been our mantra over the course of recent years and nothing demonstrates the continued elevation of our institution more prominently than a transition from college to university status. To facilitate the success of the strategic initiatives proposed in Western New England's Strategic Plan 2009-2018 as well as to fulfill our potential as a regional and national leader, we have pursued changing our institutional status from that of a college to a university. Today, that goal has been achieved.

This website was developed to help guide our various constituents: students, alumni, faculty, staff, parents, trustees, friends, and prospective students as we make the exciting journey from Western New England College to Western New England University.

Throughout this process, you will have many questions and we hope that our FAQ page will answer your most pressing concerns. We are confident that this transition will be a smooth and thoughtful one as it has been part of our long-term goals for many years. From our Board of Trustees to the University Attainment Committee, the institution has planned carefully and is now ready to execute plans to make this goal a reality.

Following approval from the Massachusetts Board of Higher Education to change our name last spring, Western New England College became Western New England University on July 1, 2011.

This milestone comes as we celebrate another important date in the history of our institution. Fittingly, this year marks the 60th anniversary of our becoming Western New England College. In 1951, the institution obtained an autonomous charter to grant and confer the degrees of Bachelor of Business Administration and Bachelor of Laws. The Springfield Division of Northeastern University as we were then known was renamed Western New England College. Six decades later, the change of status to university marks the next step in our continued evolution.

As a university, we will be better positioned to fulfill our ongoing commitment to be a leader regionally and recognized nationally and internationally. As a university, granting degrees at the highest level of education, we can expect to gain respect and credibility from the national and international academic communities, increasing the visibility and perceived value of education at Western New England University. All of this helps add value to the diploma of both existing and future alumni.

The history of Western New England College is written. We invite you to help us define our future as Western New England University.


Keep Track of Our Changing Image

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