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Message from the President

Dr. Anthony S. Caprio

This Western New England University website conveys a rich and powerful portrait of a special institution that provides outstanding educational opportunities for all students.

July 1, 2011, marked a defining moment for our institution as we proclaimed our new status as a university. This historic juncture followed a period of unprecedented growth and the realization of a long-term goal. While our university status accurately reflects the breadth and depth of our academic offerings, we remain true to our core values as an institution that supports and celebrates the aspirations and achievements of our individual students.

Beyond descriptions of the majors and programs found here, the University is as much about the individuals who help students grow and thrive in the educational and social environment of the University. Behind every program and each activity there are faculty, staff, coaches, and administrators who bring life and vitality to all that is undertaken here. This is a University of people. Our strength resides in our rich educational programs as well as in our belief in ourselves to be unique because of our history, traditions, and values, and because of the commitment to students on the part of all of us at this University.

To all those who will partake in this remarkable institution that is Western New England University, I extend, as President of the University and on behalf of the University, a special greeting.

Dr. Anthony S. Caprio


  • What makes Western New England University special?

    University President Dr. Anthony S. Caprio highlights life as a Golden Bear, from areas of academic focus to Learning Beyond the Classroom opportunities. As a future Golden Bear, you¹ll enter an unparalleled living and learning environment in which you can excel.

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