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Online Learning

Student Complaint System

Western New England University is committed to the quality of our students' online learning. We strive to have online classes that are academically rigorous, efficient, and fair, and to provide the online support services necessary to promote student learning.  If current students have an issue with an online course and feel that it has not lived up to these standards, they are encouraged to use the University resources below to file a complaint and work towards a satisfactory resolution. 

Filing Complaints at Western New England University

If you are having a problem with an online course, you are encouraged to contact the instructor first.  Instructor contact information should be readily available in your course's Kodiak classroom.  If contacting the instructor proves to be ineffective or is not the appropriate way to solve your issue, then students may contact the relevant office listed below.

Filing Complaints Outside of Western New England University

If you feel that you have a serious complaint has not been properly addressed by Western New England University, you may file a complaint at the state or national level with the appropriate organization.  In general, outside agencies will require that all proper procedures be followed within the institution first, before they will consider a concern.  Before contacting one of the organizations below, Western New England University encourages students to first inform the University of your complaint.  We are eager to hear from you directly about your online learning experience and to work with you to resolve any issues.

The U.S. Department of Education requires institutions offering distance education to provide students with the contact information for the various agencies that handle complaints against postsecondary institutions that offer such courses.